3rd District County Commission

Gerald Watson II is 40 years old, married, has two children, and lives in Detroit. He has a BA in Business Management from Western Michigan University and is currently employed as an Account Manager for Clear Channel Radio. Watson previously owned Snook’s Off the River Supper Club and Snook’s Ten-o-One. He also worked as a program manager for CareerWorks, Inc., and is CEO of The Gerald Watson Foundation, “a non-profit that works with youth through Academics and Athletics”. Endorsements include The Detroit News, Keep The Vote/No Take Over, Citizens for a Better Government, and The Detroit Free Press.

Watson believes redlined insurance, property taxes and crime are the most important issues. He doesn’t think cuts should be made to Juvenile Detention or Mental Health Services.
Moe Blackwell is 31, married, has two children, and lives in Detroit. On the Gannett survey, Blackwell gave the answer N/A to the question about educational background. He is currently County Commissioner.
Blackwell says the most important issues in the county are forming a land bank, mental health, and “working with the County Executive to balance the books”. The Sheriff’s office and Prosecutor’s office budgets are the departments that Blackwell believes shouldn’t be cut.
Blackwell ran an ad in the Citizen depicting Robert Davis as Pinocchio, refuting Davis’ claim that Blackwell spent taxpayer money on tickets to Tigers games. An advertisement in the Main Street paper by CTE Moe Blackwell claims Davis went to “vacation spots” on taxpayers; Los Angeles, San Diego, and Traverse City. The “postcard” in the ad reads “Welcome to Hollywood”.
A 7/12 ad in the Citizen lists accomplishments of “regularly feeding over 100 Hamtramck Seniors”, earmarked $75,000 for the “Happy Trail” project, donates 1000 turkeys every Thanksgiving, and participates in Lead Free Hamtramck Committee meetings. He has also sponsored health fairs for seniors and taken them on boat rides, and he is working with the Bengali community to provide “parking relief on Conant” from the City of Detroit. Endorsements include Tim Nowakowski, Rob Cedar, Abdul Algazali, Bob Zwolak, former Mayor Jankowksi and “every elected official” in Highland Park.
Both the Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press have criticized Blackwell for receiving a $2000 stipend for heading a committee that has never met.
Robert Davis, 26, is the school board president in Highland Park. Blackwell has alleged that Highland Park Schools have the lowest MEAP scores in Michigan and enrollment is down 300-400 students during Davis’ tenure. Blackwell also claims that Davis hired his wife as Athletic Director though she had no qualifications.
One of Davis’ campaign ads claimed to have the endorsement of Tim Nowakowski, but Nowakowski has actually endorsed Moe Blackwell. A letter of endorsement from Karen Majewski, along side a photo of Majewski, Davis, and Martha Scott, was also printed in the Citizen.
Don Kazmierski lives near I-75 and 7 Mile in Highland Park.
Lamar Richardson lives on Charest Street in Detroit just north of Hamtramck.
Additional resource: Gannett.