Hamtramck Star is a website for and about Hamtramck with focus on city government.

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  1. Looking at your historical dates and noticed an error. Schemel was appointed the day after I left for retirement. I retired November 16, 2000 so the date you have is off by one year. You have 2001.
    I will read over the rest and let you know if I find any other errors. I have been a Hamtramck history hobbiest sinice I began in the police department in 1974 and have read most of the material kept in the library as well as Gregs several books. I’m still trying to find the first one about Hamtramck that I saw in the library box. A small hard green cover. I appriciate and liked what I read on your website, keep it up.

  2. HI there. I’ve been a Hamtramck resident for about 25 years now and was curious if you knew whether there was a website that helped track city crime in Hamtramck. From what I understand, there are local neighborhood watches, but I was wondering if a blog could be used such that users could post tips or sightings and other users could subscribe to these posts to get immediate email notifications?

    I understand that your blog focuses on city government, but I thought I’d ask. If your site wouldn’t be the place for it, then I may consider making one myself and inviting friends to post.

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