Aladdin Sweets & Cafe

11945 Conant Ave
Hamtramck, MI 48212
Aladdin Sweets & Cafe 11945 Conant Ave [map]
This great little neighborhood restaurant is fast becoming our favorite. I recommend it to anyone who likes indian and thai food. I should also mention that they’re open nearly every time I drive or walk past, even as late as 11. Also some of the dishes are incredibly spicy so ask your waiter if you don’t enjoy the burning.
Appetizers: The Singara is wonderful. Crispy and baked on the outside, soft and aromatic vegetables on the inside. The chicken rolls are addictive with the light green spicy sauce served on the side. An instant hit.
Dinners: My favorites are the Shag Gosth and Dopeaza. It was just the other night that I tried the Shag Gosth, which is simmered goat and spinach. This dish is wonderful and simple. Their goat dishes simmer for no less than two hours before they’re served which makes them amazingly tender.
The crew that runs Aladdin Sweets are super friendly and always tell us to bring our friends. They’re Bangladeshi by way of New York and warmly welcome all their neighbors to share their food prepared “like we make at home”. We’re happy to hear they’ll be soon expanding their operation into an adjacent space so check it out while you can still get a table.

Extra points: On the way out, I dare you get one of the sweets wrapped in a green leaf. Pay your bill and then put the whole thing in your mouth.
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15 thoughts on “Aladdin Sweets & Cafe

  1. Has anyone tried there great Samosa with the Chutney? especially during Ramandam they happen to seem to put forth a great effort into the cooking with a cup chai (extra sugar of course) it the perfect snack to break your fast!

  2. I am still hooked on the chicken rolls w/mint sauce. Sadly for me, there is no mint sauce during Ramadan because it is labor intensive to make and they are so busy. I’ll have to try your favorites.

  3. This place was okay while back when they opended up. I did not go to alladin in last 3 to 4 years because many reasons, their food is not good anymore, they have rats in the restaurant, the never clean the place up… im suprised people didnt sue the place for food poisoning….. NEVER go there

  4. Aladding is run much differently than 4years ago. Their food got better along with the menu. Owners have taken overseas training and food now is excellent. Oh, about the rats, well, Hamtramck had rat issues at the time and Aladding is in Hamtramck. Better yet, there are three more Indian restaurants in the area and they are all good!!

  5. I would encourage all restaurant establishments in Hamtramck to keep their garbage closed tightly, locking it. The rats are living off of that garbage, and I’m sure the rat population would be much less of a problem if every restaurant owner in town consistently closed and locked their dumpster.

  6. Corrections:
    1) There are no INDIAN restauran in Hamtramck. All are bangladeshi. They serve indian like/simila cuisine.

    2) Food at ALAdin is substandard. Those samosa’s are substandard . they use regular flour instead of highly refined flour youa re supposed to use for samos to make them crisp.

    3) chicknes they use for tandoori are smllaer, lightweight . They do it to cut costs.

    4) Meat they use again has more bones than flesh.

    In summary,

    Aladin is a restauran which serve bangladesh style food which is substandard (call cheap), although cooks are amazing, the owner seems to be like a cheap DHAKA street side food vendor tryin to make money while servin cheap food.

    Seriously, this is coming from a indian, pakistani bangladeshi food enthusiast.

  7. Actually, if you are looking for authentic cuisine, in many countries street vendor food is a staple. I guarantee if i were in a middle eastern village or city and i went to a restaurant or street vendor I surely wont be expecting air conditioning, sugar packets and an after dinner mint, we (americans) are so used to restaurants surpassing government guidelines and qualities of food that we forget not everyone eats the same stuff. I went to a nice indian restaurant called Raj Mahal, their curry chicken was mostly boneless but was cooked just like they would in india, using bones and all, nothing wasted, and I expect that. sure you gotta keep aware so you dont eat any bones but cmon, do we really need everything brought down to pudding simplicity?

  8. p.s. “regular flour instead of highly refined flour” bleached flour is crap for nutrients, give me whole grain anyday

  9. Imho ‘boneless’ chicken is usually nasty, although simpler to eat. Also, giant factory-farmed steroid-and-antibiotic-fed chickens are much lower ‘quality’ in terms of healthy-for-people-to-eat than smaller less-battery-farmed chickens. At the least, they’re smaller and more tender. The best chicken I ever had was clucking until I ordered it at a streetside shack in Negril. They cut open the bigger bones so you can suck out the marrow – i.e. inexpensive and cheap are not always the same thing.

    And wasn’t Bangladesh once part of India? Do we really have to say stuff like ‘south asian?’ Aren’t there still a lot of people around who were born in what is now Bangladesh, or even ‘east pakistan’ when it was still called ‘India?’ Can you really make a fine distinction between the cuisine of Bangladesh and the cuisine in the ethno-linguistic region of Bengal in India?

  10. One of Best Meals for Value..
    Only place which serves Lamb Dishes in Buffet.. Plenty of Meat Dishes, with a smile

    Can you name better Tandori chicken in town. with so much spicy, flovor, fresh
    well grilled in Tandori.

    Fried whole Tilapia is the reason of my visit in. Alladin. Yes Tilapia in Alladin try it some and enjoy

  11. I absolutely LOVE their curry chicken! and those little balls soaked in clear sugar syrup are delicious!

    If i had any suggestions it would be to offer 2 sizes of Coffee small and large, and to see if the city can repave the edge of the parking lot so its beveled :)

  12. Hamtramck’s Zoning Ordinance, which focuses on pedestrians and the “five-minute walk”, allows no new curb cuts.

    Auto-culture is a relic of the suburbs.

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