3 thoughts on “Auld lang syne

  1. Bar hopping last night was so much fun. We left the house at 9:30, bought some single cigarettes at Wally’s, and smoked them at Hippo’s. We were going to stop at the Roosevelt, but they didn’t have their sign on, so we pressed on to Whiskey in the Jar. After catching up with some people we hadn’t seen in awhile, which was unexpected and fabulous, we proceeded to Baker Streetcar, where the talk was mostly about the success of Ice bar. We walked by Ice on the way to Seven Brothers, and they were busy last night. Last, we rang in the New Year at Jean’s. We left shortly after midnight, before breakfast was served.

    For comparison, New Year’s Eve 2006:
    New Year’s Eve Mini Crawl

    and New Year’s Eve 2005:
    New Year’s Eve 2005

  2. Walked right by Hippo’s on my pre-show search for veg dinner…did they have food?

    I found Ghandi’s, but thought it too tableclothy…
    Walked all the way down to Bengal Masala. Didn’t puke on stage with a Sapporo and Jager in the same stomach, so 2.5 thumbs’ up. Really good.

  3. Sounds like a successful evening.

    Gandhi is probably the fanciest restaurant in town. They must know it’s a problem because they also run the Tripti Cafe next door, which is more like a diner. Bengal Masala used to be a Coney Island. It’s still sort of like a Coney Island, but with much better food. All the Bangladeshi restaurants in Hamtramck are good. We usually eat at Aladdin Sweets, but they were closed for Eid. If I remember right, their New Year is coming in a couple of weeks.

    Next we have Paczki Day and MetroTimes Blowout X followed by the St. Florian Strawberry Festival. This time of year rocks.

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