Budget work session 4/26/12

Proposed 2012 schedule of fees

2012 budgets for proprietary funds

The meeting started well after 6:30. Jankowski was absent. Hassan arrived late at 7 p.m. and Miah arrived at 7:20. Majewski left early at 8:30.

Norris talked about the cost of elections and business licencing.

Friedmann said that most of the salaries in his department are covered by NSP2, CDBG, and EPA grants. The city is expecting $300,000 in CDBG funds, and he is arguing at the county level that Hamtramck deserves $80,000 more on the basis that our population did not decline as it did in other places. Fee changes are to make the fees equitable and less than neighboring cities. Rates for residents are being reduced in some cases

Nazarko, Allen and Tungate are calling for an audit of the GM agreement. The city is planning to hire an assessor to do a state-required reappraisal of the entire city at a cost of $80,000-100,000. Wayne County didn’t do a good job on assessing, and the state will penalize the city if it isn’t done. The R-31 should be settled within a year. The city may also audit the retiree healthcare accounts for ineligible recipients.

The state made a determination on Cooper’s unemployment based on statements Cooper gave them, and Jim Allen authorized Nazarko and staff to take an action.

The city had a $2.7 million fund balance at the beginning of the year. and a $3.3-3.4 million deficit this year. The city will be $800-900,000 in the red at the end of this fiscal year. Maintaining cash flow requires $1.5-2 million to make it to October 1. The documents say there is a $2.3 million year-to-date. The city expecting to run a $3 million deficit deficit by Jun 30 2013.

Tuesday, there is to be a special closed meeting for discussing union concessions.