City council 4/02/12: special meeting agenda

Regardless of the date, I assure you that this is a real agenda.

A Special Meeting of the Hamtramck City Council has been called by Councilmember Gordon and Councilmember Zwolak for Monday, April 2, 2012, at 7:00 PM. The meeting will be held in the City Council Chambers, 2nd floor of City Hall, 3401 Evaline, Hamtramck, Michigan.

1. Call to order
2. Roll call
3. Pledge of allegiance to the flag
4. Public Comments – for purposes of this Special Meeting, comments are not limited to the agenda items.





NOTE: Anyone planning to attend the meeting who has need of special assistance under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is asked to contact the city clerk’s office at (313) 876-7700.

24 thoughts on “City council 4/02/12: special meeting agenda

  1. Please don’t forget to drink the koolaid!! It’s the only way any of this will make sense, apparently! I don’t know about any of you, but when I’m low on cash or maxed out my credit cards I don’t go around spending 3 times the money for goods or services that are essential for my family!!! The motives seem so transparent on the part of the mayor & certain council members. I’m at a lose for words to decribe how it felt to sit in the council chambers, while a representative from Michigan Department of Treasury, sat & witnessed our city government supposedly looking for options to save our city! Anddd in the next breath hire an unqualified person for more than 3 times cost of hiring Mike Wilk!!! Mind boggling!

    Now we are to sit, watch andddd attempt to remain composed while our council rehires the Allen brothers & pays Tungate his salary PLUS expenses!! They also fired Pat! Hmmmm maybe Eric needs someone who will do his bidding & keep his secrets?!?!? Wow! I can’t wait! I think I’ll go out & buy stock in my favorite migraine medication. Is there anyone else out there who didn’t drink the koolaid who is as frustrated, angry & confused as me?

    • I once told them they were liars to their faces. They didn’t blink, and didn’t respond. Too many people in that building are doing something besides looking out for citizens’ interests.

  2. And to think, these cronnies pushed and hired Tungate for the managers position. I wonder how many knew he had charges pending ? Nice cover-up. Get him in there and make the puppet move with the MY WAY sword over his head. Nice job of playing stupid, but not hard to do for certain individuals. Somehow, I’m not surprised about all of this, seeing the cast of characters involved. Of course nobody has been proven guilty yet. Just another guy with the same name living in Detroit.

    • Mugshots and police reports are public records, so we should have confirmation soon enough.

      I assume Tom Jankowski knows, and probably Jim Allen. It makes sense that someone who is charged with assault would go to another person who beat similar charges.

  3. It’s amazing that everyone is wasting time digging up information about this young man, Erik, instead of being concerned for the city and it’s dire financial situation. How about people start offering solutions rather than contributing to the compiling problems. Does anyone really know how much time, effort, dedication & apparently thick skin the job of city manager or “acting” city manager entails? It’s certainly not the job that a full time business owner could do (Wilk) even in a city with a healthy financial situation. Is he better qualified because he would take less pay? Incidently, may I remind you, this would be EXTRA income for him. Really? I’d take an EXTRA $25k too! The bottom line here is that everyone who cares about the future of this great city should stand up & stop playing high school politics. It’s as simple as offering REAL solutions & being useful instead of using this crisis as a way to bring good, hardworking people with an impressive track record (Tungate) down. It also has to be said that the phones aren’t a buzz with “qualified” applicants. Obviously this isn’t a dream job or the perfect set up to walk into. I think Mr. Tungate deserves credit for stepping up to face the craziness. Give the man a chance to present the plan, there is no time to waste and if people keep conducting themselves “business as usual”, how can people expect to get out of the mess? In the end it doesn’t matter who has the title or sits behind the desk, without a plan & people pulling together, everyone loses.

  4. My first reaction to “Disgusted’s” anonymous comment was:

    “Are you serious?”

    But I thought about it and realized that he or she must be serious. He or she must believe that it’s not the fault of the person arrested for assault or the elected officials who hired him, but the fault of the muck-raking website who points it out. Blame the messenger. The blame for all the mis-management and corruption in the city should be placed on the ones telling the truth, instead of those actively deceiving the public.

    I rank hiring a guy who’s out on bond for felony charges with the other stupid decisions that have placed Hamtramck in such dire financial circumstances. Watching this administration flail it’s arms and ignore any rational criticism or citizen input has some of us a little more jaded about their intentions.

    I understand today that Jim Allen has been re-instated as City Attorney. I believe that this was the reason Tungate was hired, simply to re-instate Jim Allen.

    Speaking of Jim Allen, has anyone noticed all the things that have been slipped into the codification of ordinances? So far we’ve found language from two failed ordinances that have somehow made it into the codification.

  5. Like the song says “Pull those little strings,and I’ll do funny things, I’m your puppet”

  6. Dear Disgusted;
    I’m sorry to hear of your misplaced and inappropriate dismay over the recent events of this day. The tenor of your post resonates with sympathy and near diety status for Erik Tungate. This comes in the wake of the burial of two Hamtramck women as a result of domestic violence.

    Unfortunately, your allegiance to him has blinded you to the harsh reality and common sense that Tungate has no magic bullets, beans or potions that was not submitted by the previous city manager. Nor is he “stepping up to face the craziness” for altruistic reasons, but rather his own monetary and narrcisistic needs. In addition, you reference his “impressive track record”, but I’m not sure of what your talking. His record is checkered with shooting nothing but very expensive blanks that have cost the city dearly in money and lost opportunities.

    • Don’t mistake my comments for an allegiance to Mr. Tungate, rather an attempt to refocus the conversation back to the task at hand. Although, it would be wonderful if somebody possessed such a magic bullet to rectify the situation, it clearly doesn’t exist. If you missed the point, it was to say if it’s Mr. Tungate or whomever in the office, the problems are not going away with this type of dialogue. We are all heartbroken by the loss of two beautiful young women. That does not have a place in the conversation with regard to Mr. Tungate’s personal situation nor does it impede his ability to do the huge job at hand. As one person has pointed out earlier, innocent until proven guilty. Bottom line, there’s a lot of talk & no real ideas or solutions being offered here. The choice seems simple here, let him present a plan of action or fall further behind looking for your “magic beans”. If that’s blaming the messenger, then so be it.

      • No, I don’t think you understand, it’s a question of character or lack of by Tungate, the Mayor, City Attorney and select council members. More telling is how adamant the Mayor was about her choice and her decete by ommission at a previous meeting.

  7. Why did you remove Lydia’s comment?
    It seems everyone in this city has his own favorite felon!

  8. So at the meeting tonight, I failed to make a recording, but Jankowski, Hassan, and Algazali were absent. When the meeting was declared over for lack of quorum, Susan Dunn asked Majewski why the city would hire someone with pending felony charges, and Majewski said that charges are not a conviction, and she stands by her decision to hire Tungate. Susan asked another question about Tungate’s political support for Majewski’s campaign, and Karen said she didn’t know what Susan was talking about. I asked Karen if Erik Tungate hosted a campaign fundraiser at his home for her, and she confirmed that he did. I went into the hall after that to see what was going on in the hall.

    Since there was no quorum tonight, Zwolak and Gordon have called another meeting for tomorrow night, and every night until this is resolved.

    See you tomorrow, 7 p.m.

  9. Have any council member tried to contact Crawford and see if he is willing to take over?

  10. The meeting tonight has been canceled for “projected lack of quorum”. A new notice was sent out for tomorrow at the same time.

  11. Despite our opinions of Mr. Tungate’s character, the charter does not prevent a person charged nor convicted of a felony from holding the city manager position.

    I am still gravely concerned that Mr. Tungate does not qualify to be an acting city manager. Council does have the authority to revoke and reappoint another acting city manager during a vacancy in the position. I don’t see any provisions in the charter to allow council to change the qualifications of the position. The word “another” is plainly referring to the previous sentence. An acting city manager is “subject to approval by resolution of city council, an administrative employee of the City of Hamtramck.” Mr. Tungate was not an administrative employee at the time of his appointment.

    The words “interim” and “acting” are frequently confused terms. An acting position is like a substitute. Mayor Pro Tem is an example. It would seem ridiculous if the Mayor Pro Tem was revoked and a person outside of council was appointed. On the other hand, an interim position is a temporary stop-gap – from the latin, “in the time between.” Although the council resolved to appoint Mr. Tungate as an acting city manager, he is holding an interim position.

    Sorry, I know it’s more fun to debate personal opinions rather than facts. Please ignore my remarks and resume that good ol’ Hamtramck slander and bickering ;)

  12. The meeting for tonight has been cancelled for another projected lack of quorum. (Jankowski and Majewski and Hassan don’t want to have a meeting while Algazali is out of town.) A special meeting has been called by Zwolak and Gordon for tomorrow night at 7 p.m. to discuss the same agenda.

  13. It’s interesting that the Jankowski- Hassan-Algazali-Majewski bloc chastised Miah, Zwolak, and Gordon when they walked out yet they’re using the same tactic.

    Will they continue to be no-shows as long as Algazali is out of town and they don’t have majority?

    I’m more than a little bit ashamed that these boobs were elected by my neighbors.

  14. I’m confused. Didn’t Majewski say on local tv that she is against crimes against women as in the tragedy with those poor friends who were kidnapped, family shot at, killed and burried. Or keeping Tungates charges a secret to everyone. Transparency????? Tungate is charge not with a simple a&b or domestic violence buy a higher felony
    ..against a woman and Majewski is ok with that. I’m confused???? If we only had someone who knows anyone with the MML to help guide us. Stay thirsty my friends

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