City Council 5/23/06: Manager report and Public Comment

City Manager report: A memorandum was sent about Veterans’ Memorial Park. Zwolak asked if the park would cost $40,000 to maintain. Crawford said that amount did not include trimming or a guard for the restrooms.
The attorney drafted language for a recreation millage. Zwolak wanted to move forward with the resolution. Klein said it was against the rules to consider it.
The school board wants a resolution by the council accepting wood chips for Veterans’ Memorial Park. Zwolak proposed a resolution for wood chips and moving some of the play equipment to the front of the park. Cedar said insurance would pay for it. Klein said the equipment should be moved because it can’t be seen. All voted to suspend the rules, and the resolution.
Cedar said the School Board and City Council had agreed to negotiate for sharing the recreation millage, and was concerned that there was “no commitment for a contract”. Crawford said he didn’t think they would move rapidly on it.
Zwolak asked to suspend the rules for the parks millage. Nowakowski said they should wait. Zwolak said the next meeting would be too late. The clerk confirmed that the proposal has to be submitted by 4pm on May 30.

Klein said he was expecting an ordinance from the city manager establishing the Director of Finance position. Klein was disappointed because he thought it was a good idea.
Crawford will have to find another firm to audit the finances this year because the reports were prepared by Plante and Moran, the auditor last year. Materials were distributed regarding the ethics ordinance and the RFP for fire services.
Cedar said the owner of the incinerator is in court for fraud, and the property might be abandoned. He asked if there was anything the city could do to protect their interests and see that the pollution is cleaned up.
Someone asked if the City Manager was aware of the Sheldon case. Crawford said the issue was settled.
Majewski reminded everyone that there would be a service at St. Ladislaus on Memorial Day, followed by a ceremony at Veterans’ Memorial Park and an ice cream social at Dickenson East. On June 8, Friendship house will be holding an open house at their Conant location from 3pm-5pm. Our Lady Queen of Apostles will be celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the ordination of a priest with mass and a reception.
Cedar cleared up some of the inaccuracies reported by FOX2 about contamination of building sites in Grand Haven Dyar. Klein asked if the city could sue for libel. Allen said the developer might be able to.
Bob Walltower brought pictures of a lot across the alley from his that is being used as commercial property, and contains 2 dump trucks, trailers marked “poison”, and old building supplies. The fence is 10 feet high and the posts are made from old railroad tracks. Walltower thought the lot was previously owned by the city. The owner of the lot is in Florida and lets other people live in the house. He said he would call FOX2, the NAACP and the Fire Marshall if it is not stopped. The City Clerk said she honestly didn’t know about the problem and would address it.
Juanita Jones said the same person bought 2 other properties and asked who got paid. Crawford said there was no record of the city owning the lot, and he suspected the county might have auctioned it off.
Beatrice Woods said the dumpsters and semi trucks are a hazard, and a stop sign in her area is knocked down.
Vera Burke said her street is always the last to be worked on and she hopes it is included in the road repairs. A new “mansion” on Evaline and Conant was allowed to have a curb cut. She asked when they had their house built and the city said no. Some people in the Grand Haven Dyar development will also have curb cuts. Burke said nothing, including clean-ups, are ever done in her area. Majewski disagreed.
Juanita Jones spoke again to complain about high grass in a neighbor’s yard.
Iris Peters thanked the council for reappointing her to the Beautification Commission.
A woman said the council should “look into the tanks”.