DDA budget blown

I did not attend myself, but it bears mentioning that there was an emergency DDA Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday regarding their budget crisis. From what I’ve been told, Nevrus Nazarko knew in January of 2011 that the county treasurer was no longer going to pay $100,000 per year to the DDA because the DHS building on North Joseph Campau was sold to Wayne County and no longer pays taxes. But Nevrus didn’t tell anyone, and the DDA continued to spend as if they had the money.

As a result, the DDA is currently $13,000 overdrawn, and they also asked the city for $22,000 to cover salary and benefits for their director the next four months, $35,000 total. They still have outstanding bills for a building they just purchased on Joseph Campau that is to be put up for sale immediately. If the board can’t raise $75,000 in committed sponsorships, there will be no Labor Day Festival. They plan to continue having merchants meets by getting money from the Community and Economic Development department budget, and they also want the police department to take over the cost of maintaining their video cameras on Joseph Campau. However, the city is not expected to make payroll in the coming month.

9 thoughts on “DDA budget blown

  1. Wouldn’t this warrants the firing of Mr. Nazarko as would be the case in any responsible city?

  2. I think it’s time for all these people on the council to wake up to Nevrus. This man has cost the city tons of money with his incompetence throught the years. First the tax problem with GM ( tifta ? ), now this, and a lot of other items we haven’t even heard of or have not yet surfaced. He may have made a good banker, but he sure has put up a good smoke screen to the people running this city in regards as to being a financial wizard he clains to be. Let alone how much he may have lined his pockets before his exits ! It’s time for this guy to get his walking papers and let the DDA swim.

  3. I can’t blame him for the GM Agreement (thank Jim Allen) or the jail (thank Jim Allen), but he did forget to send money to MERS for 3 years, which ended in a renegotiation of the retirees settlement that cost us millions (thank Jim Allen). The politicians need Nevrus because they know they can bully him into doing what they want. That’s the same reason they won’t appoint the most qualified person at the city to be acting city manager – Michael Wilk.

  4. That’ s the guy who should have had been running this town years ago. ( Mike Wilk ) He forgot more then the so called historians will ever know about this town, and knows more about the inside scoop then you think. I think the only thing that kept him from running for mayor was that he knew who he would be dealing with on the council. HE DOESN’T KISS ANYBODYS ASS This is the man for city manager, not some guy out of right field who couldn’t even spell Hamtramck ten years ago !!

  5. “…they also want the police department to take over the cost of maintaining their video cameras on Joseph Campau.”

    Laughable! The DDA spends a crap load of taxpayers’ money on a feel-good, ineffectual boondoggle and now they want to foist it on our PD? The people of Hamtramck are in serious risk of overdosing on the amount of BS being fed to them by this band of incompetents and hucksters.

  6. Also, Nevrus explained to me after the meeting on Friday that the rumor that he forgot to send money to MERS is not true. He did not send money to MERS for ATO payouts because ATO was eliminated in 2002, and therefor, payments based on ATO were included in the original settlement in 2003. He contends that we never owed the retirees for that, but once the dispute ended up in court, the lawyers went way beyond the scope of the original case, renegotiating the original agreement.

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