Tigers Party at Post 10

PLAV Post 10 in Hamtramck is throwing a Tigers party this Sunday. For $25, Post 10 provides food and drink before and after the game, a bus ride to Comerica Park and back with the Detroit Bus Company, and tickets to the game (upper infield box seats). The Post opens at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday; the bus leaves at 12:15; the game starts at 1:05. This is an open invitation to everyone, and interested persons should call Post 10 or Wally Tripp to reserve their seat.

Hamtramck Hustle 2012

Just a reminder. The 6th Annual Hamtramck Hustle Car Show will be Saturday August 25, 2012 at Veterans Park. This is a traditional pre-’68 Rod and Custom Show with tradition Choppers and Bobbers welcome. The cost $20 per hot rod/custom that enters. Spectators are free. Registration starts at 10am (no early birds).

There will be great cars, loud music, good people and our famous Valve Cover Races. The after party this year will be at Kelly’s Bar on Hollbrook, with live music by Motor City Josh.
Hope everyone can make it.
—Dead Last CC

Tungate trial: closing and verdict

In closing, Nixon said the jury can’t let themselves be sidetracked by manipulation. Nye can still leave the house, have fun, and smile, and she doesn’t have to let this ruin her live. She may need to have surgery on her jaw, and may never be the same. She had to chew soft food and give up her part time job. They would be able to compare her statements. No evidence disputes her account, though small details may have changed with further questions. A doctor confirmed her injuries. She remembers the details. She doesn’t deny that she was drinking, but the police officers and the doctor felt that her reasoning wasn’t impaired. The mess in the room matches Nye’s statement to police officers.
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Tungate trial: Tungate testimony

Note: the defendant, Erik TUngate, was found NOT GUILTY of the charges by the jury.

Erik Tungate of Detroit, 36 years old, is currently unemployed. He last worked as acting city manager of a small, suburban community. He was put on administrative leave from his job with Wayne County on September 23, 2011, and was terminated in January. He has a BA and an MBA, which is a masters degree in business administration. He and Nye lived together. He took Nye with him to Mackinac Island from September 15th to 17th for a wedding. He considers himself an acquaintance of Harwood and Kirfoot. He attended the reception on the deck of the Chippewa at 8:30 or 9 p.m.. He was an usher at the wedding and was not seated with Nye for the ceremony.
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Tungate trial: defense witnesses

Note: the defendant in this case, Erik Tungate, was found NOT GUILTY of these charges.

Dobias intended to call 5 witnesses and said he would try to be finished within 2 hours, though the time required would depend partially on the time taken by cross examination and closing arguments.

Dobias gave a short opening statement, calling into question who was the initial aggressor. He said his client had acted in self-defense. Three witnesses from the wedding party and Tungate’s mother took photos. He planned to call Tungate to the stand.
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Tungate trial: prosecution witnesses

Note: the defendant, Erik Tungate, was found NOT GUILTY of these charges.

Dr Jennifer Shockley is the only doctor at the Mackinac Island Medical Center. She sees patients Monday through Friday and is on call for emergencies at all other times. She remembered being paged after hours for an assault. In summer, the center has residents who do evaluations. There was another patient at the center, so she was called in earlier than she may have been otherwise. A resident and a nurse were on duty. She relies on their notes of diagnosis and treatment. She did a physical exam and x-ray. Nye told her she was assaulted by her boyfriend, saying he choked her, punched her in the mouth, and knocked her down. Shockley noticed early bruising on her neck and left arm, swelling on her jaw, a chipped tooth, and an abrasion on her neck. Shockley has only seen 4 or 5 assaults in 1.5 years, most often bar fights. She determined that some of the wounds may have been defensive from trying to pull hands off her neck. Dobias objected because Shockley is not an expert on defensive wounds. Judge Carmody allowed it because the answer was qualified.
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Tungate trial: Nye testimony

Note: the defendant, Erik Tungate, was found NOT GUILTY by the jury.

Morgan Nye, 26 years old, a content strategist with a digital advertising agency, testified that she lives with her parents now, though she lived with Tungate in Detroit at the time of the incident. She was a part-time personal trainer, teaching classes on spinning, aerobics group fitness, and kickboxing. She has never been in a fight or sparred with another person, only having punched bags and mitts. Compared with other women, she considers her strength to be average, able to lift a 45-lb bar or 25-lb dumbbells. Tungate ran and lifted weights. They both had memberships at the YMCA.
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Dubois and Pierce

This house is in Detroit, but since so many of us pass by it on the way to Eastern Market, I figure it counts as being in the Greater Hamtramck Area.

Built in 2007-8 by Cranbook graduate students for their thesis, the construction was primarily funded by The Taubman Company. Their promotional literature said it would “act as a framework and methodology for thinking and regarding human settlement, domesticity, and modes of living, while serving as a harbinger, a seed-germ for viability.” The following photos were taken in the last week of September, 2011.

>> More photos, not for the easily disgusted