Gardening opportunities

The Economic Development office has released map of all the government owned property in Hamtramck. In general, if you have an interest in gardening, or you have some other idea about a project for city property, the city has been very flexible about uses that get properties off the mowing list.

City owned property maps

Interested persons should contact the Economic Development Office, either by calling City Hall or e-mailing JFriedmann or SStec at their addresses.

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Hamtramck Hustle 2012

Just a reminder. The 6th Annual Hamtramck Hustle Car Show will be Saturday August 25, 2012 at Veterans Park. This is a traditional pre-’68 Rod and Custom Show with tradition Choppers and Bobbers welcome. The cost $20 per hot rod/custom that enters. Spectators are free. Registration starts at 10am (no early birds).

There will be great cars, loud music, good people and our famous Valve Cover Races. The after party this year will be at Kelly’s Bar on Hollbrook, with live music by Motor City Josh.
Hope everyone can make it.
—Dead Last CC

Hamtramck Recycling Seeks Volunteers

The Recycling Commission could use a hand:

The Hamtramck Recycling Commission is looking for volunteers to help with our monthly recycling on Saturdays. If you’re able to donate an hour or two of your time, especially this Saturday (July 10th) or any of the upcoming Saturdays (August 14th) it would be GREATLY appreciated.

Contact the Hamtramck Recycling Commission via Google Groups or email

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AM 1610 The Station

I’m pleased to announce the launch of AM 1610 The Station. It’s a low-power, non-commercial, AM station which doesn’t require licensing under “part 15” of the FCC regulations.
The map to the right shows our broadcast range in blue. The red circle shows our range which, depending on atmospheric conditions and a number of other factors, is possible.
Because of Detroit’s congested AM dial, 1610 was our best choice even though we get some interference from stations in Toronto and Ohio on the edges of our broadcast range. Both stations are over 300 miles away so depending on your AM radio and the time of day, you may or may not get interference from them.
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Please Stand By

We’re doing a little work on the servers today so the site might become unavailable. We’ll restore the site as soon as possible.
UPDATE: The transfer and upgrade are going pretty well. Scanner recordings will be back soon. Please let us know if you have any trouble with the site.

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Website outages

UPDATE: There seems to be a problem with our internet connection today.
7/23/08: I’ve received a few phone calls and e-mails that people are unable to get to our website. It appears that an unusually high amount of traffic is more than our current server is able to handle. Steven is currently working on an upgrade that should eliminate this problem.

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New Design

We’ve rolled out our new design. Please let us know if you have any problems with it and include your browser type and version.

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Waiting for the worms

I’ve been wanting to compost garbage for awhile, but with our little yard, I wasn’t sure where we were going to put the composter. Then a friend passed along a video about worm bins. Unbelievably, worms can live in a plastic tub in the basement year round.

We bought the bin a while ago, but I had fantasies of finding local worms that didn’t pan out in the end. I finally placed an order on Saturday night from in Kalamazoo, Michigan, not really believing that I would receive worms by UPS. Tuesday, I received my package. More accurately, the worms came a day early, and my neighbor signed for them. Her son was perplexed by my excitement.
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Memory Upgrade

Last week we posted a request for donations to buy memory for our hard-working webserver. We collected donations here and at, a site we host for our Ypsilanti friends.
An amazing thing happened. In only three days our readers donated $165 which covered the memory and shipping. Thanks everyone who donated, hopefully we can return the favor. A special thanks goes to Amana Graphics at 8536 Joseph Campau, thanks for your generosity.
As it was, we were pushing 512MB of memory far beyond reasonable limits. Normally, the sites would serve up pretty smoothly but an occasional flood of traffic from spammers would max out our database. When a thousand zombie PCs hammer hundreds of comment forms in .5 seconds and your server is light on memory, things can go badly.
The two sticks of 256MB were mis-matched and relatively old. Our replacement memory, with fancy heatsinks and extremely low latency was just the thing we needed. Thanks again everyone.
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Feral swine spotted near GM Poletown

Update: Happy April Fools Day
According to the Michigan DNR, a number of feral pigs have been spotted along rail corridors in Wayne county, some as far east as Hamtramck Assembly and the Dequindre cut.
“At first we were surprised to find them in urban areas but feral swine easily adapt to their surroundings and can travel great distances in search of food sources. They likely migrated along the I-94 and other rail corridors during the winter. They’re becoming a real problem for us”, says Ken Thompson, a biologist with the Michigan DNR.
The Michigan DNR says hunters with a valid hunting license of any type are encouraged to shoot feral swine (free-ranging wild pigs).
“Hunters, as always, have to be certain of their targets before shooting”, said Alan Marble, Bureau Chief of the DNR Law Enforcement Division. “Feral swine are unfamiliar targets to most Michigan hunters, and sportspersons need to make sure they are shooting at hogs and not black bear, dogs, or any other animal.”
The Michigan DNR asks if you see or shoot any feral swine to please contact one of the following:

  • DNR at (517) 336-5030 or email
  • MDA at 1- (800) 292-3939 and press “4” for the Animal Industry Division
  • USDA Wildlife Services at (517) 336-1928.

For more information on how to obtain a hunting license, please refer to the Michigan DNR’s pages on Hunting Licenses.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources: Feral Swine Information
Photo: Directorate of Public Works , Environmental Division Website, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

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