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  1. You are missing the only place to be when in Hamtramck…The Polish Sea League! A family tradition and more. Where everyone knows your name.

  2. The DDA continues to be a pipe dream and a continuous tax strain on businesses that get very little in return. As with most DDA’s they have a lot of meetings and create little results. Retailers are already at a disadvantage aside from having to absorb the additional tax, hence the retail your town has ended up with. So much for being a Development Authority. I’m assuming the guide was created by Design 99 free of charge as the DDA is using public funds and the private sector. So hats off to Design 99 for their generosity.

  3. The DDA committed a portion of its funding to the newly created Brownfield Redevelopment Authority. I haven’t seen their books but there can’t be much left.

    The Downtown Guide is awesome, regardless.

  4. Edwin: I totally agree with your first point, and we were against the creation of the DDA because they spend money that should be used for basic services on trying to attract outsiders, people and businesses who won’t come here because our basic services are so lacking. I’ve always thought guides and business advertising should be done by the Chamber of Commerce with voluntary contributions. I would love to see the ROI analysis for both the DDA and our economic development office, because I’m willing to bet they are negative. Last I heard, the DDA owed the city something like $151,000. When Cathie Gordon found out about that, she was shocked because the budget the DDA has been working from says they owe the city closer to $20,000.

    Mitch and Gina are not on the board, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the DDA purchasing work from one of their members. Design 99 has absurdly low rates, and the DDA caught hell for having banners printed in New York without looking for businesses in the Detroit area. In my opinion, Design 99 and the DDA did this right.

  5. Mai Lee: We have nothing to worry about. The city council is doing everything possible to make this a dysfunctional, dangerous place that no one will visit. Gentrification only happens downtown when the vast majority of storefronts are filled with locally-owned businesses. That’s when national chain stores move in and drive up the rent. If the landlords were lowering rent to build critical mass, and the city was trying to help retail start-ups and expanding small businesses, then I would be worried.

  6. Hillary, it’s unfortunate you did not see me weep with irony, because I saw you cross impulse w/ irony.

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