Farmers Market Benefit and Deep-Fry

It would be a huge personal favor if you would stop in to throw a few dollars in the jar and eat some deep-fried pickles with us. (I might also have some frozen Snickers to throw in there.)


This Thursday, Skipper of Skipper’s Hamtown Bar and Hillary Cherry of Open Kitchen are hosting a deep-fry party to benefit the Hamtramck Farmers Market.

Beginning at 5 p.m., we will serve deep-fried vegetables from the market, including garlic scapes, pea pods, and kale, and there will also be a tray stocked with a wide variety of pickled Michigan fruits and vegetables if you prefer a lighter snack.

The Hamtramck Farm Market is preparing to apply for 501C3 status and needs $400 for the application fee. Please put $5 (or more) in the jar at the door to help with this expense. The market will receive 100% of the proceeds.