Feral swine spotted near GM Poletown

Update: Happy April Fools Day
According to the Michigan DNR, a number of feral pigs have been spotted along rail corridors in Wayne county, some as far east as Hamtramck Assembly and the Dequindre cut.
“At first we were surprised to find them in urban areas but feral swine easily adapt to their surroundings and can travel great distances in search of food sources. They likely migrated along the I-94 and other rail corridors during the winter. They’re becoming a real problem for us”, says Ken Thompson, a biologist with the Michigan DNR.
The Michigan DNR says hunters with a valid hunting license of any type are encouraged to shoot feral swine (free-ranging wild pigs).
“Hunters, as always, have to be certain of their targets before shooting”, said Alan Marble, Bureau Chief of the DNR Law Enforcement Division. “Feral swine are unfamiliar targets to most Michigan hunters, and sportspersons need to make sure they are shooting at hogs and not black bear, dogs, or any other animal.”
The Michigan DNR asks if you see or shoot any feral swine to please contact one of the following:

  • DNR at (517) 336-5030 or email brownkr@michigan.gov
  • MDA at 1- (800) 292-3939 and press “4” for the Animal Industry Division
  • USDA Wildlife Services at (517) 336-1928.

For more information on how to obtain a hunting license, please refer to the Michigan DNR’s pages on Hunting Licenses.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources: Feral Swine Information
Photo: Directorate of Public Works , Environmental Division Website, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

10 thoughts on “Feral swine spotted near GM Poletown

  1. Wild Pigs in a growing Muslim community, so much for dodging dogs!!

    Thats comical!!

  2. ok… this is April 1 after all. Then again this could explain all those bullet holes in railroad cars – bad shots at feral pigs (better than pink elephants I guess…).

  3. Christ on Jeopardy, “Shoot the Pigs” used to be an angry 60’s slogan. I would not have guessed it would return to Wayne County in its literal form!

  4. I caught the very end of this story on Action News last night (sorry, couldn’t find a link), and my first thought was that it was some sort of joke.

    They said that the GM security at Poletown had successfully herded several dozen of these animals found on their property into the only available holding pen on site- which I guess is some sort of old jewish cemetery, apparently. Supposedly in six months or so they’ll be opening the gates up for two hours, to see what they have been up to in that time.

    Just amazing.

    One other thing I wondered about, is if somebody could have released these animals on purpose- everyone knows that pigs and phesants are mortal enemies, so perhaps these were intended to eliminate the wild pheasant problem in Detroit, and once that’s over it’s just a simple matter of letting loose some packs of timber wolves to take care of the pigs, and then a couple tigers to take care of the timber wolves, etcetera.

  5. Wild Pheasant problem????? What are they competeing with pigeons no let me guess mourning doves??

  6. I knew there was something about feral swine, pheasants, etc sometime before. This was the April Fool’s joke that turned true (forgot about my before comment).

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