Field Trip to West Michigan

This past weekend was the Cherry family reunion. Luckily for my brother, it was held at Camp Kidwell and we were able to watch his 22-year-old cat, Tituba.

Above: I think Steve managed to capture the entire village of Bradley. Below: Stuck in traffic during the Memorial Day parade in Otsego.

17 thoughts on “Field Trip to West Michigan

  1. I thought Allegan county was the Meth Capital of Michigan, not Barry county. Still, even here in Kent county they swipe our driver’s license when we buy certain medications. (or at least I watched them do this to a friend of mine)

  2. I’m probably out of touch with the goings-on of West Michigan (thankfully), but the capital used to be Orangeville.

    I heard from Grandma that they found a meth lab in the village limits not too long ago.

  3. On a related note, I do see a lot of “Meth Watch” signs the further I get from civilization in my semi.

  4. This is unrelated to your photos, but I wasn’t sure where else to post.
    Unfortunately, there have been thefts from front porches on Yemans between Brombach and Lumpkin. Is there a place for people to make such posts? I know neighborhoods in Detroit that do this and have made a bit of progress working together to keep watch.

  5. There isn’t an official place to post things like that but maybe there should be.

  6. I wonder if a “neighborhood watch” mailing list would be helpful. What if anyone could report crime like this by sending an email to the list and we’d all get a copy automatically?

  7. I agree Stevn. Either that or a little comment board where everyone can post. An administrator could approve posts (to avoid crap posts) and automatically send notifications to all on the list.

    Let me know if you need help with this.

  8. I’ll set up a mailing list this weekend and run a post about it. I think it’s a great idea.

  9. The neighborhood in Detroit uses yahoo groups. The more eyes and ears the better. Let’s do this! Thanks for your positive response. There was also an offer made yesterday, to send “neighborhood news” into the Main Street paper.

  10. Actually, she’s only 21 years old this month.. we do think though that she actually died years ago, and her zombie remains are just hanging around to torture my wife. they never have gotten along!

  11. Tituba never liked me either; she lives to torture.

    Did you know that you live in a “cool city neighborhood”?

  12. Oh yeah, I don’t know what crackpot deems Middleville as “Cool” but I saw that last time I came into town. It’s only on the M-37 entrances, we always take Whitneyville to work and back. All traffic and no play makes homer something something..

  13. Shit, I once stood at the Bradley crossroads for an hour doing a seatbelt survey for the UM Transportation Research Institute.

    I do miss Allegan County, much as I don’t want to move back… I should hit Saugatuck Dunes State Park this summer.

  14. We went camping at Nordhouse dunes a few years ago. It was the camping trip from hell. I think we got sand in every single meal and the weather was just horrible.

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