Greater Detroit Hospital progress

The first floor has actually been boarded up. The pedestrian overpass is completely stripped.

Some of the oldest plywood has been removed, presumably after the first floor was boarded up.

5 thoughts on “Greater Detroit Hospital progress

  1. i wouldnt expect any work to start on the hospital till after the holidays (besides the new owner i bet has a ton of red tape left with the city im sure)

    the 6th picture proves my point there ar ALOT more files in that building that what was removed was just a sample of it

    just sad

  2. Next, Detroit is supposed to vacate the “alley” between the hospital buildings and the parking lots so the new owner can build a security fence around the entire property.

  3. this area needs your help this morning. the scrappers are working the neighborhood, stealing anything they can get their hands on. the most recent call to me: ripping siding off a house on charest, a block north of carpenter. they’re doing quick & nasty damage, driving a red ford car with license plate yjk 795.
    drive through the area or look around if you live there & please call either the northeastern district 313-596-1100 or 911 if they don’t take the call at the district.

  4. I talked with Commander Suchoski last Friday, and he explained that we have to call 911 to get a response from the Detroit Police. I told him that people have been scolded by the operators when calling 911 for property crimes, but he says call 911 anyway because the dispatch center routes all cars.

    I also complained about being transferred six times before being told to a leave message when calling the district office. He doesn’t know why that’s happening. I’m supposed to call him directly later this week with an update as to whether or not progress has been made towards a security fence.

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