5 thoughts on “Hamtramck Chevy Volt Ad

  1. The emotional tone of the commercial comes across coming from a desperate place. In some ways, it is more honest than others. However, even with an expression of hope, it still can have a negative connotation. It lacks enough actual product information that would have helped balance the negative feel. The somber acoustic guitar combined with the mellow voice and pregnant pauses of the narrator is practically sleep inducing. Maybe the “It’s the car America had to build” will be enough of a hook to sell the car.

  2. Awesome ad!!!! Love it!!!! It’ll be a seller once the price drops. I want one but can’t afford the overpriced cost.

  3. YEs! love the sites shot, i can name nearly every scene! how cool is that?

    I used to like the Volt, then i got to realize that although it contains many great innovations and technological milestones, its been twisted and convoluted from what it was originally intended to be (an economical and reliable hybrid) into an overpriced green initiative touting publicity stunt. It has a huge battery pack (400lbs) and yet only gets like 30 minutes of drive time, weighs about 3300lbs (despite advanced materials and similar gas saving cars weighing several hundred pounds less) if you never charge it and just use gas, it gets 37mpg, if you charge it every day (at a cost of $2.40 of electricity) you may save a gallon of gas a day ($3.40-2.40=$1 a day savings) there are a few compact sedans that give similar mileage 35-40mpg, at prices under $20k, so what are the savings? if you save $1 a day, thats $365 a year, which means to repay the $12000 difference (32k-20k) you would have to drive it for 30+ years to recover your investment, this is why marketing hates engineers and math, they always ruin everything!

  4. Did anybody see the Chrysler Dodge Ad during the Super Bowl? 3.5 minutes teling us we are now in the second half of the game. They talk about Detroit on hard times but it was filmed in New Orleans? Why was Eastwood in the dark?

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