13 thoughts on “Hamtramck City Council Audio: 2012/01/24

  1. Does anyone knows what’s wrong with the street lights on Joseph Campau from Caniff northward, they have been out for more than 3 weeks?

  2. Out 3 weeks? hmmm… I drove that way tuesday night, and lights turned on red fine for me.

    • You’re not suggesting people actually take action and report problems to the appropriate city department instead of just bitching about it on a blog are you, Steve? That’s crazy talk!

  3. We’ve found the that the best way to get this type of issue resolved is to contact the DPW and if necessary, follow up.

  4. I spoke with Steve Shaya about the lights, and both he and DTE are aware of the problems. He doesn’t know for sure, but the outages mentioned here may be related to an upgrade to a more energy-efficient light, sodium somethingorother.

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