Hamtramck Labor Day Festival details

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(Hamtramck, July 31, 2008) — Get ready for an affordable, family-friendly weekend of fun! The Hamtramck Labor Day Festival returns for its 28th season. This year’s festival — presented by the Hamtramck Chamber of Commerce — will take place Friday, August 29-Monday, September 1.
Throughout the years, visiting historic Hamtramck, Michigan has become a tradition for many during Labor Day weekend. The Hamtramck Labor Day Festival has welcomed more than 500,000 guests yearly as it continually provides the attractions many have come to anticipate during the holiday weekend, including live music, samplings of ethnic food (no tickets needed!), cultural dancers, carnival rides, and children’s activities. While keeping the traditions alive, the Hamtramck Labor Day Festival anticipates incorporating new features this year.
Where: Jos Campau between Caniff and Carpenter Sts. in Hamtramck
When: Friday Aug. 29 between 6-10 p.m. and Sat. Aug. 30-Sept. 1 noon-10 p.m.
Cost: Admission is free!

The 28th annual Hamtramck Festival kicks off Friday, Aug. 29 at 6 p.m. with live music by Powertrain (6:30 p.m.) and headliner Danny D (8:30 p.m.). Friday night also marks the long-awaited return of country-rock hooligans Bill Parker & His Motherscratchers (7:30 p.m.).
On Saturday the festival offers a mix of up-and-coming local rock groups, some standbys and some groups with an alt-country twang. Highlights include Michael Quatro (2 p.m.), Budget Sinners (6 p.m.), all-female rock group Hellen (7 p.m.), local alt-country stars American Mars (8 p.m.). The night is closed out by the all-star group Four Hour Friends (9 p.m.).
It is all polka, all the time on Sunday at the Hamtramck Labor Day Festival when Polka Palooza takes over the stages featuring the music of local polka bands, including Detroit favorites, The Polish Muslims (“Who Stole the Kiszka”). Polka Palooza will also include a “Polka with the Stars” contest and the famous pierogi-eating contest.
The festival draws to a close in grand fashion on Monday, September 3 with the annual Polish Day Parade starting at 1 p.m. For those who didn’t get their fill of live rock ‘n’ roll and polka music, Polka Floyd (which performs Pink Floyd covers with a polka twist) and local bands on the heavy side (Speedball, Aquarius Void and Millions of Brazillians, to name a few) will help satisfy their musical fix.
For further information on the Hamtramck Labor Day Festival, visit www.hamtramckfestival.org.

2008 Hamtramck Labor Day Festival Entertainment Schedule
Festival hours:
Friday, Aug. 29 6-10 p.m.
Saturday, Aug. 30 noon-10 p.m.
Sunday, Aug. 31 noon-10 p.m.
Monday, Sept. 1 noon-10 p.m.
South Stage
6:30 p.m.: Powertrane
8:30 p.m.: Danny D
North Stage
7:30 p.m.: Bill Parker & the Motherscratchers
South Stage
Noon: Dave Hamilton
2 p.m.: Michael Quatro
4 p.m.: Haunted Hearts
6 p.m.: Budget Sinners
8 p.m.: American Mars
North Stage
1 p.m.: Earworms
3 p.m.: Bosnian Rock Group
5 p.m.: I, Crime
7 p.m.: Hellen
9 p.m.: Four Hour Friends
South Stage
11 a.m.: Polka Mass with Big Daddy Lackowski and the LaDeDa’s followed by the
Polka With the Stars Contest
3:30 p.m.: Kielbasa Kings
5 p.m.: Pierogi Eating Contest
7 p.m. Polish Muslims
North Stage
Polish Rock Bands All Day!!
Monday – Parade Day!
South Stage
4:30 p.m.: Shadiamond Le Freedom
6:30 p.m.: Aquarius Void
8:30 p.m.: Speedball
North Stage
3:30 p.m.: Polka Floyd
5:30 p.m.: Millions of Brazilians
7:30 p.m.: Grayling

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  1. Just a few corrections to the schedule. Four Hour Friends is at 9 p.m., not 8 p.m. And pierogi is spelled wrong. Shame on me! :)

  2. Thanks! See you guys there! I’ll be “working” the beer tents all weekend :)

  3. how do i get in contact with the people that book and plan the events for the festival?

  4. The festival was great, as usual–albeit hot and humid. I tried to get “The Ghoul” to perform, but American Axle wouldn’t come through with support dollars. Dick Dauch made (stole?) an 8 MILLION DOLLAR bonus for screwing the workers, but he couldn’t give any extra to the festival!?! Greed. Plain and simple.

  5. most likely, wrist bands, live bands, waist bands, lap bands, rubber bands, bands of brothers,bandstands, banned activities, lots of banding!

  6. i checked the website and it said free admission with no other costs listed so the only bands i could think of are 21+ bands for the beer tent,etc.

  7. ^ I’m totally confused by that last comment.

    There’s never been a beer tent that I can remember.

  8. At other festivals, they have wristbands for the rides. People complain about the lack of unlimited-ride wristbands every year.

  9. Wherever I go there is a beer tent! lol

    seriously though, i thouht i saw something to that effect, i know the website shows budweiser as a sponsor so i hope that if they setup a booth that theyre not selling girl scout cookies!

    mmm, what a greeat idea! this would be a great time for the schools to get their fundraisers in booths too!

  10. Where is the South stage located.

    Not familiar with area.

    Jack Scott should be on before 7:00 PM.


  11. The South stage is on Joseph Campau, just North of Caniff. (Good parking can be found a the Krot Funeral Home on Caniff or the city parking lot at Caniff and McDougall.

  12. I WAS IN THE FIRST PIEROGI EATING CONTEST. I WAS DISQUALIFIED FOR CHEATING,ie putting pierogi’s in my pocket, trowing them on the ground,etc. Will I be allowed to compete this year? I have remorse for my actions, I was just wanted to win. I went to counceling and know betteer now

  13. Two different schedules have been posted for the pierogi eating contest. I saw 2 p.m. in a local paper about a month ago, 1 p.m. in the newspaper and 5 p.m. on this site. DOes anyone know which time is correct?

  14. I WAS IN THE FIRST PIEROGI EATING CONTEST. I WAS DISQUALIFIED FOR CHEATING,ie putting pierogi’s in my pocket, trowing them on the ground,etc. Will I be allowed to compete this year? I have remorse for my actions, I was just wanted to win. I went to counceling and know betteer now.

    Trowing them on the ground? You should have been mercilessly flogged for that.
    Sorry, there is no forgiveness!

    i APOLIGIZED AND NOW PEOPLE WANT TO WHIP mE. Ihave high blood pressure,high cholesterol, and I’ve sported a new gut. I don’t need to cheat. Please reconsider for year 2010. I’like being a competitor

  16. I am coming into town on 9/4 thinking I’d be able to make the “Hamtramck Labor Day Festivities” but turns out it isn’t really over Labor Day weekend. So disappointed. :(

  17. i bought an olde enlish d polish tee at the festival this past year and whore it while making thankgiving dinner. all my children loved it and wondered if i could get them one,they live out state and out of state. can you let know where i can purchase the same tee for them. thank you .

  18. john p jankowski: If you are referring to the t-shirt with the Polish eagle and the Detroit Tiger’s style D on it, you can find them at Detroit Threads in town. Here’s a link: http://detroitthreadsstore.com/

    Mike’s the owner and a real great guy.

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