Local Shopping

The painter said Royal Pizza will be a pizza and sub shop again soon. This building on the corner of Klinger and Caniff is getting a make-over.

The biggest hookah I’ve ever seen. Not only are there fish in the water, the top is a giant seahorse. The contraption sent by the city to an overgrown lot on our block.

Decorations at City Hall. The bus station previously installed on Caniff at the cab stand has been moved around the corner, right by the ATM.

Wayne Metro improving the parking lot at Mitchell and Commor.

Swinging City Lounge, a “fully furnished retro bar” with a kitchen and dance floor is still listed at $154,900. I heard that a developer wants to buy Woody Pontiac, but is having some sort of problem with the county.

Art glass at Polish Eden Bookstore. Maine Street is ready for the holidays.

Little of the original building stands at the former deli.

Another building for sale on Joseph Campau ($269,900). The storefront renovation at Polish Art Center is complete.

The base of the Pope Statue is in tough shape and will be excavated soon.

“Do not feed the pigeons.”

5 thoughts on “Local Shopping

  1. Nice pic’s ! I feel like I’ve walked around the city without leaving the comfort of my own Hamtramck home. Combined with the narrative was excellent. Please make this a regular feature if possible. Especially if it pertains to what the council is discussing.

  2. which information? Most of what is posted was learned from watching City Council meetings. Just about everything else is from newspapers and real estate websites.

  3. that contraption is a Bobcat with a Bushhog. It looks like it did a good job on the lot.

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