The Sweet Sounds of Detroit Vol. 1

New additions to Sugar Beats, The Sweet Sounds of Detroit Vol. 1.
According to Bellyache Records:
“This is our very first compilation CD of just a few of Detroits best artists performing sugary themed tunes that have been engineered & designed specifically for the sweet tooth in your ear! All of the songs are so tasty, they will melt in your mouth, not in your CD player.”

Check the schedule for show times.


If you’re a Michigan artist, please either send your CD and/or LP to us at the address listed below, drop it in the mailbox, or send your high-bitrate mp3s to steven [at] hamtramckstar [dot] com.
Send media to:
11758 Sobieski
Hamtramck, MI 48212
Please include the act’s name, geographic origin, and any other information that might help us identify you.


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Mission: Michigan Vinyl Acquisition

There are sixteen days left to participate in Mission: Michigan Vinyl Acquisition. We’ve already reached our goal but please consider giving anyway. The money will be spent with local records stores, labels, and artists.
Say Yes to Michigan Music, kick in a few bucks for local wax and we’ll thank you on the air.