The William Dickerson Detention Facility

The William Dickerson Detention Facility at 3501 Hamtramck Drive, also known as “Division Three” by the County, is north of Interstate 94 off of Mt. Elliott Avenue. (Google Map)
The facility opened November 18, 1991 at a cost of $60,500,000. The jail has 804 beds and employs direct supervision. It provides laundry and food services to the entire Wayne County jail system. The Dickerson facility occupies 16.7 acres and is approximately 500,000 square feet in size.
According to the Hamtramck Citizen this week, City Controller William Barnett gave the County ten days to pay the $800,000 it owes the City but the County refused to pay. Wayne County is only willing pay $500,000 and claims the City of Hamtramck owes it $4 million because of past overpayments.
If the County is right and has been overpaying Hamtramck for the William Dickerson Detention Facility, then there will be hard times in Hamtramck. Further, the city officials who agreed to house the facility for a mere $500,000 made a bad deal.

Dickerson Facility Quick Facts

  • Facility type: Podular direct supervision
  • Status: Operating
  • Elevation: Mid-rise
  • Total beds in facility: 868
  • Total direct supervision beds: 836
  • Total direct supervision pods: 14
  • Beds per direct supervision pod: 56 to 60
  • Maximum inmates one officer supervises in a direct supervision pod: 60
  • Non-direct supervision pods: 1
  • Non-direct supervision detail: 32 beds are used for disciplinary detention and protective custody inmates.
  • Number of disciplinary detention beds: 24
  • Direct supervision pods that are dormitories: 6
  • Beds per direct supervision dormitory: 60
  • Dormitory detail: Four-bed clusters are separated by four-foot masonry walls

Information and Sources:
William Dickerson Detention Facility
3501 Hamtramck Drive
Detroit, MI 48211
(313) 875-7003; fax (313) 875-7928
Wayne County:
National Institute of Corrections:

192 thoughts on “The William Dickerson Detention Facility

  1. You know what would be even more interesting? If the deputies and what not were willing to answer questions and stop being so uptight.

  2. A very close family member of mine is in Dickerson and I would really appreciate if someone could help me on getting information for visitations. Please help.

  3. Chris:
    Just wanted to let you know that link with the visiting hours is not correct. Visiting is Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays…..they don’t do it by last name…i would know because i was just there lsat week. But you cant make the visiting time… the individual that is staying in jail there can only put you down…if they can get a hold of you that is, make sure you can accept collect calls otherwise they won’t be able to call. Officers/Deputies fail to take inmates families into consideration and let them know.

  4. Yeah, Visiting hours are between 7-9 a.m. and 7-9 p.m. only sunday, tuesday and thursdays and last 30 minutes.. the inmate has to set it up at least 24 hours before the visiting day. And the inmates are only allowed two visitors a week. All you need is your license to get in. Also, they’re allowing people to bring in money orders instead of having to mail them. If you wanna send them mail or a money order, the front of the letter must include their inmate number, i sent one without the inmate number and I got it back undeliverable. The inmates get one envelope per week to send letters. And when you arrive to see them on the visiting day that they set up for you…they’ll send you up at the appropriate time and you’ll go in a room to wait for the inmate to come down. Also note, the inmate has to check on their own visits so if the inmate forgets they have a visit. the officers wont remind them, it’s up to the inmates to remember. Just fyi.

  5. this is for Jake samuel gibbs i really miss you and i can’t wait to see you your my everything and i really love you so much with all my heart but baby boy keep your chin up alright
    hugs and kisses LOVE always AMANDA LILLIS

  6. this is 4 my baby boy JAKE SAMUEL GIBBS I love you with all my heart i miss you I LOVE YOU SO MUCH kisses
    love amanda lillis i love you baby

  7. This is for Blair Alen Langston.. I love you Blair with all my heart.. Thalia and I are waiting for you and cant wait to see you.. We love you and miss you more than words. Hugs and kisses..Love Ashley and Thalia

  8. that place is hell i spent a week in there …someone should tell them to clean the showers black mold kills

  9. Hello Duke I love you always! Also the Kids can’t wait to see you also I can’t wait.

  10. I’d like to know if my son is there in Dickerson and if he can email me at the above address. Thankyou.

  11. George Tyour not alone keep your head up remeber the happy days to pass time away and pray love always Tawana

  12. this place blows because of the staff. they are rude and have a very poor disposition. it seems as though the staff has a chip on their shoulders when doing the job. while trying to arrange a visit my son i was insulted and belittled by almost everyone i spoke to on staff. then during visits was barked at repeatedly and made to feel that i was there to be punished for wanting to see my son.

  13. Yeah Joe I just got out of there after 5 days. I was in there for a simple probation violation. Man was it an eye opener. you are right about the staff. What a bunch of losers. Nearly all of them were hating life it seems. in my opinion if you hate your job you find a new one. Most all of the guards seem to make it their mission to harass the inmates and take it upon themselves to punish them for being there. These loser deputies probably can’t get jobs anywhere else so they feel bad about the life they lead and take it out on the inmates.

    Just remember deputies… you are no better than anyone else and with the right turn of events you could find yourself in the system one day. When that happens, and it will, i hope for your sake you don’t end up locked up with some of the same people you mistreated in the past. A kind word or a question answered is not going to kill you but an irate inmate(with a long memory)that you insulted or mistreated in the past may very well make you wish you were dead.

  14. God forbid they were rude to you. You are a criminal, you probably deserve it. Get over yourself. If you wanted 5 star service then take a vacation, don’t go to jail. I personally have no problem with any of the deputies, but then again, I’m not a convict!

  15. I used to think everyone in jail were criminals myself, why else would they be there right? WRONG! Well at least not all. Two weeks ago my brohter had to appear in court in Detriot (We live in MA) because a year ago he went along on a ride with this auto dealer guy to help him drive a car back..they got lost and crossed over to Canada. Long story short we’re not citizens of this country but rather permanent residents.

    The policeman stopped them and asked “how did you obtain your citizenship” his poor mind not being that educated said through my parents. They later ran his info in the system and found out he’s a permanent resident, they held him for over 8hours to confirm he’s not in this country illegally since he didn’t have his green card with him. He was served papers to appear in court. Well he appeared in court and the judge didn’t belive him that they got lost and ordered that he be deported back to our hometown in Ghana, West Africa. Now he’s being held in the williams dickerson I fail to see how he falls in the criminals circle…..he just had some bad luck on his side is all.

  16. Hey Jimmy,
    I don’t know how this works..I am still looking into it. i don’t even know if you can read this. I know you can’t call me collect on my cell. I will get some money to you this week somehow so that you can call. Love you so much..I am sorry. Miss you lots!

  17. Also…Jim. Everything is taken care of here. Sarah’s boss said you can do the fence when you get out. It’s gonna be ok. Luv u..luv u…luv u.

  18. Looks like it might be time to just delete this post all together to save the hassle. How can people NOT tell this has NOTHING to do with inmates in the jail!!

  19. hey reggie miss u so much i love u baby hope this reaching u i don’t no where u are so i hope and pray

    reginald e.welch

  20. I wana know why we can’t look up inmates can someone give me a web site to log onto for that cause i may be wrong.

  21. Hi im writing this because my bf is in dickerson right now and i was reading some of the stuff that ppl had already said on here but anyways i don’t understand why they are saying that our jails are full of ppl that should be there my bf for example he violated his probation last month over not being in school full time so the judge put him in wayne county jail his mom got him out and then yesterday he went back to court and they put him back in jail after he went and is in school and all the stuff the judge wanted him to do and now hes back in jail for what???? what is it teaching him? nothing its just making him upset, and his mom and me too it hurts to see a man whos 21 be in jail for something so little when hes a good guy what is this world comeing to??

  22. not everyone is guilty!! innocent until proven guilty is the law of the land although it doesnt seem like it anymore!!

  23. We don’t know, please direct your questions to the jail.

    Prisoner Information for:
    Jail Division 3 is 313-875-7000

  24. I would just like to say that trying to get any information is almost impossible. People do not have to be so rude. All I am trying to do is visit someone that I miss and love.I am not a criminal I work a full time job and live all on my own and going to school. I do not deserve to be treated like I am a nobody.This is aggervating because I do not treat anybody with disrespect so there for I should get that in return. This system really needs some improvement. Someone should really look into this problem because obviously I am not the only one who see’s this problem.

  25. I ended up in dickerson for 2 nights after being pulled over drunk on my block. The phones dont dial to cell phone lines and I didnt know any land lines numbers. The guards ignored me and the only way I got out was having another inmate 3 way dial to my gf. Detroit and its entire system needs a serious change. Chicago here I come.



  27. For what it is worth, this website was extremely helpful in providing very much needed information about who/what/when/where relative to this facility’s operations and process. I have a loved one who was inserted into it yesterday for 30 days. Thank you.

    I also appreciate having read the feedback provided by previous visitors.

    I encourage ALL who are dissatisfied with or offended by how this taxpayer funded facility has been operating to: Write your State of Michigan legislator and let them know how you feel.

  28. This is the most popular thread on our website. Around 150 people have come to this post from a search engine so far this month.

  29. I have a friend in dickerson for traffic tickets if nobody bails him out does he have a length of time he has to stay in there and how do I find out how long he will be in?

  30. Cesareo Lopez jr.
    i love you daddy dearest, i miss you everyday.
    Love, Lisa

  31. The Wayne County Detention Facility is the worst run organization I have ever had the misfortune to have had to deal with in my 70 years. Most of the officers are rude and uninformed or at least unhelpful. My daughter was incarcerated
    early on 7/31/2007 and I have been attempting to determine her
    whereabouts since then both via phone and the internet with no success whatsoever. This is a crime against all Michigan taxpayers and I intend to inform all of my government representatives about it. How can an organization entrusted with the lives of citizens lose those people to the point where loved ones cannot contact them? This is america not some third world country.

  32. I contacted the jail earlier today, I didn’t get the officers name I spoke with but he was very helpful. I have a very good friend in Dickerson, and I live out of state, and he gave me all the information I requested, without hesitation. Very pleasant man, I wish I knew his name so I could give him kudos. My experience with Dickerson has been okay thus far. If you are reading this Mr. officer, this is the lady from Texas who asked about Lashawn Preston, Take care of him please, he has such a big heart and loves people. – Thank you
    God Bless!

  33. NO! this is not an atempt to do anything, by anybody, he was just transferred there. They have no updated his file yet. Why are you concerned with Lashawn Preston anyway?

    Curious also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Just some information to share for those of you who do not know. An inmate can only make a collect call, to a land line, no cell phones. They can call a cell phone number if you prepay on your own cell phone through a company called pcs daily dial. The number to set up an account with your cell phone is: 888-288-9879
    I was unable to communicate with my husband for 4 days because no one at the facility gave me or him this information! Hope this helps!
    You can also write your inmate a letter explaining that they can call you on your cell phone, they can receive mail, but the guards, as you probably found out, will not deliver “messages”.
    The address to Dickerson to write a letter to your loved one is:
    Inmate name
    3501 Hamtramck Drive
    Hamtramck, MI 48211
    They will get your letter in 2-3 days, that has been my experience. Hope this helps!

  35. I called Dickerson as I was told my husband was being transferred there. We live in Canada (although he’s American) and have a VOIP phone system that cannot accept calls. He has been gone for 2 days now and I don’t even know the charges. I was told $500 bail then was told $1,000 when I got ready to cross over to bail him out. No one will pass a msg on to him…no one will tell me why he’s there…and the officer I talked to could have cared less that a frantic wife was looking for her husband. Criminals..yes… Irresponsible..yes.. However, that doesn’t mean that their spouses, brothers, sisters, cousins, children, parents, etc are. I think he was just pulled in for unpaid tickets. They’re releasing him early this morning due to overcrowding, thank God.

  36. do inmates at dickerson not get put on otis???i cant find who im looking for at all on otis but i did on vinelink

  37. Can anyone please tell me how to find out there I.d number. I called up there this morning and they said we can not give that information out, so how am I
    suppose to communicate with him someone please help!

  38. My boyfriend: Miguel Angel Cruz-Villa,is there at Dickerson he is suppose to be getting deported back to Mexico I want to know if his family can pay his plane ticket so he can be sent back sooner instead of him just being locked up there.I tried callin but the phone is always busy. If anyone knows if we could do that and what we have to do and where to go to do so please write back!
    Thank You

  39. The telephone # on this page is incorrect. 313-875-7003 is a voicemail box of some lady named Valerie with a full mailbox. The right # is 313-875-7000.

  40. What is the norm for waiting for an arrainment? I ahve a friend in Dickerson. He was brought in there on Monday. Didnt know about it til Wednesday. He is still waiting for arrainment.

  41. Yo, I just want to shout out to my peeps up on the jail house. What’s up Jojo, SamuelJ, FroNXX, Debdeb, lil Shoe and Big Squeezy Cheez. All’s straigt on the block–don’t forget the mayo. I be back in there comming up after the holiday. We be hanging like king James. Shout out to Tata, and Campauz cuz, out

  42. Hey Honey, Dont know if you can see this, but I love you and miss you greatly. So does the boy. Cant wait but waiting patiently for you to come home. Oh, don’t walk home.

  43. I know this has nothing to do with the jail, but to reach more people I am here. If you want change in this place everyone must contact the legislators, State reps, any one who will listen. My husband is there thru his own fault he broke the law and he has to pay the pentalty and he knows this and accpets this. However, he has flea bites, he has dug out ticks in his skin, he has requested to go to the doctor, its been almost over a week and still has not even heard anything about going to the Doctor. yes I agree if they break the law they need to accept and do the punishment. but the conditions are rediculous. We as a country give better living conditions to the prisioners of War then to the inmates at county jail.
    Also churches are a great place to start letters, they take this as one of the principals of life the etheical treatment of prisoners.

  44. Does anyone know if the inmate needs money to make calls??? or are they allowed to make one call when they first arrived to the facility?

  45. my baby! icouldn’t make it at 9:30 thurs. i tried to wsitch shifts no go i love u and miss u sooo.

  46. i was wondering how i go about finding out an inmates number so i can write to my boyfriend and send him money..can somebody please help me..thank you!

  47. I love my fiance’I hope he is released asap I love him more than anything in the world. From He’s Love XOXO

  48. Im curious if there is a way to find out if my boyfriend is here by checking online? Anyone know if theres a way to check other than by calling actual jail?

  49. To check if an inmate is there go to, click on the state and then on search. Good Luck I miss my fiance’ he has been in jail for a while now I can’t wait till he is released I love him;-) If you call they won’t let you know how long there in custody for, they’ll tell you there bail and if there in custody but check the website. These comments from other worried wifes, girlfriends and fiance’s really helped me. I love you Baby XOXO


  51. I love my fiance’ more than anything in the world. I hope he is released because we are planning a wedding soon. I love my baby XOXO

  52. I love my baby Michael Williams! Cant wait untill you come home baby! you are missed very much!!!!!!!!! Hpoe they let u out early@@!!!!!!!

  53. OMG just reading through this thread…. I am certain they are not going to make internet access available to inmates. But I hope it makes ppl feel better posting their hello’s to them.
    I am pending incarceration at Dickerson. Can anyone tell me what to expect? such as what is the process when arriving the first day? should I be afraid of getting beat up? are the conditions sanitary? I dont want to base my expectations on what I have read here as most posts are negative or uninformed.

  54. I have a friend of mine that has been in dickerson now for over 2 months. When he turned himself in he said he was only serving a month. But obviously he isn’t. Is there any way possible that I can find out any information of when he will get out? Pleaseee help.

  55. looking for Johnny Torres tell him marlene said hello and God Bless him his ex wife friend

  56. I’m interested in hearing from people who have been held at county or Dickerson for pretrial detention on non-violent misdemeanors or contempt of court, 517.676.8099.

  57. If someone can get a message to a inmate for me by the name of Paul A Anderson please tell him to call home I miss him and I love him. Also let him know that me and the unborn baby is starting to move. I love You Paul and I want you home I miss you and need you.

  58. I am re-typing this If someone can get this message to a inmate for me by the name of Paul A Anderson please tell him to call home I need to know what is going on with him. I miss my husband and I need him at home and not in jail.Paul just know that your wife and kids love you and want you home.

  59. i have been at Dickerson a number of times over the years. while is does SUCK, it doesn’t SUCK nearly as bad as downtown Wayne County Jail (Division I). that is the most horrible place on earth.

  60. Hi…i have tried to findout how long my fiance is gonne be locked up. he has been on hold for about a month with no court date…I ma getting verey upset if anyone can tell me whats going on with branden hughes that would be alot og help. To you branden I love you with all my heart and cant wait to see you bay bay my big head..Love Alysia

  61. hey if anyone can get this to branden Hughes I would greatly appreciate it. Can you tell him to call me his fiance A.S.A.P i miss him and need to hear his voice.

  62. This is for Mi Amor Branden hughes. Hey bay-bay. I have lost my state id and I hace to waite to get it in the mail so I will be up there to see you as soon as possible. you might wanna make the visit for next saturday. maybe that way I might have it in by then it only took a week last time so maybe by then i will have it in the mail.i love you my baby I WILL SEE YOU SOON LOVE YOUR FIANCE ALYSIA AKA YOUR BIG HEAD XO XO XO XO if he dont get this can some one from the inside give this to him i would appreciate it.

  63. I wanted to know do you guys have ged programs in there if so how can i find out so my babydaddy can know sign up for it

  64. I called the facility the other day and a officer told me that inmates were not allowed to make collect calls. Do you know if they can purchse calling cards any day of the week? My man got booked on Tues and still havent herd anything from him. Thanks

  65. Ummmm..I don’t even kno if your going 2 get this babe but this is 4 Chri Chandler. I just want u 2 know that I loveeeeeee you sooo much && everything is going 2 b ok I promise u that && I can’t except ur calls cause their collect && I dont have a credit card :/ so sorry. but I’m going 2 b @ ur hearing wed. so i’ll c u then. I love && miss u ♥ Court

  66. The phone number for the William Dickerson Detention Facility is listed wrong. The right number is 875-7000.

  67. Is it true that Dickerson does not house females any longer??? Does anyone know if that is true???

  68. Hello this message is for Devon Mitchell. I put some money in your account yesturday and I miss you so much. I want to stay strong. You will be home soon. Love always.

  69. My boyfriend may be transferred to Dickerson very soon. He seems to want to be, but reading some of these posts scares me. He’s in the old Wayne county jail right now (division II) Can anybody tell me if Dickerson is any better? He seems to think it is, but now I’m not so sure!!!

  70. No Dickerson is full of it. My boyfriend went there on friday. I went to visit him on the 3rd and did not see him because thay did not tell him how the visitation policy go. So he scheduled another visit today 3/05/09 and I still didnt see him because I came in on 3rd. they only can schedule one visit a week. which I found out today.

  71. Jeffrey jackson if you get this you need to set up an appt. to make a visitor list then call us somehow collect and tell us when we can visit. We love and miss you! Also you won’t be going to boot camp its too full! So if you do everything your suppose to there you’ll be home sooner than you think! We Love You!

  72. my son just came up there to bail out my other son and officer hall was extremely rude to him because he forgot hid i.d. I offered to have some one else come up there with i.d. and he refuses to let someone come bail him out! It says clearly that a person can be bailed ouy at any time Except duting shift change. He also threatened to lock up my son for not having his i.d. on him! Are you kidding me? Doyou people really have so little to do that you would not release someone because his brother made you angry? Talk about abuse of power, i am glad i moved out of that god forsaken state to a nice small town where people remember the word compassion. I would have sent someone else up there but now my son is going to miss another days work over a power trip!!!!

  73. can any one tell me how to get information on an inmate like how i can write them because my fiance went in yester day and i really would like to get ahold of him

  74. My boyfriend went in last night. Can any one tell me how to get information on an inmate like how i can write him I really like to get ahold of him. Can they get vist?

  75. I would like to visit inmate Christopher Graham. Can someome contact me by e-mail so that I can summit the correct info so that I may visit him. I would truly appreciated it. Thank you so much. Robin

  76. iiwanted to know…iif iidon’t have a state ii.d yet can iistiill go viisiit iinmate. Tell mii baby ALLAN LEMARR MOORE.. iilove you baby despiiTe what iiheard.

  77. Hello D. i miss u soooo much baby and i love u with all my heart always and forever. And i cant wait to see u im going crazy without here with me i love u baby

  78. If an inmate has to do a certain amount of days to do can they do less time if they are on good behavior?

  79. I Wrote My Ex That`s In Dickerson
    & I Put His Name & His #
    3501 Hamtramck Dr.
    Detroit, MI 48211
    Cuz That`s What It Said 0n The Internet.
    Will He Still Receive The Letter Because Hamtramck Is Part 0f Detroit.?

  80. my old mans in dickerson… I wish theyd tell me when hes getting out! He said two weeks and wednesday will be 2 weeks! anybody know any way 2 find out when someones being released?

  81. I miss you and love you robert haynes im trying to find out the visitn hours and i knw you probably cant see this but its worth a try, MISS YOU>maybe one of the deputys is nice enough to tell u guys a message.the kids miss you too:)

  82. Waiting to see you scooter You just got over there don’t forget to make your visiting list love you miss you will see you soon.


  84. My husband is at Dickerson Detention Facility. His name is Renard Damien Givens. I want him to know I love him and Miss him so much. I can’t wait for him to come home. Your wife for life.

  85. To my husband Renard Damien Givens Baby when you come home you are not leaving my side. I love you and miss you soooooooooooooo much :). I am yours for ever baby.

  86. well,i just called and asked about info on my 18yr. old son,and the officer said they can’t give out any info. for security reasons,which i tottally get,if my son has to do 30 to 90 days in there,maybe it’ll teach him a lesson,i don’t wanna be out of 1,000,he wants to be an ass, and thinks mama owes him something,and thinks i’m an atm machine,he pushed me,and threatened me,he got himself into this mess,he should’ve came to court that day,and he wouldn’t have had a warrant,now,he somewhere where he gonna think twice about being a hard ass or acting like an asshole or acting like people owe him something,he’s right where he should be,learing his lesson,maybe i’ll get some respect when he gets out,the guards aren’t supposed to have sympathy for these people that come in there,they not there for babies,they there for hardheaded ass people that are going to learn a lesson and not come back,or it’ll be much worse,the next place they end up in.

  87. this makes me scared my fiance is in there and if the police treat the inmates poorly makes me upset!

  88. to Chrissy-thanks for the info on pcs daily not sure if it’ll work yet but good to know just gonna write my ex and let him no about it for now if he chooses then we’ll try it. As for all negative comments about the officers mostly true but some of them were cordial and not nasty but few and far btwn.

  89. I am very new at this and worried. I need help finding any info i can about an inmate who just arived there.I have never been through this before and need to know how to write him and find this ID number i am suppose to have on the letter. Also all the info i can get on how to visit him. Please this is so hard anything realy would help. angel

  90. Every human being that has ever been on planet Earth has made mistakes, except One…so strive to treat each other with diginity and respect, for not one of us is complete without all of us..

    WE ARE THE FAMILY OF MAN…that is so Awesome!!! Think about it! If we really knew how wonderful we all are, we would not war on each other, kill each other, rape each other, hate each other and rip our hearts out. How awesome are we, we are the best of the planet, you know , created in God’s image and all!!! So… we need to band TOGETHER, TO GATHER… Goodness, Joy, Kindness, Happiness, and LOVE! and then sprinkle it on each other! We need to stand up for each other, not beat each other down…remember that the person you are mistreting has someone that loves them and their heart is breaking, children are crying. I truly believe this… that our true purpose here, on this amazeing planet, is to LOVE ONE ANOTHER and get back to Heaven where we came from…Try a little tenderness, make someones day, be a friend, dry a tear, put yourself is someones shoes, try to understand, smile, pray, forgive others and forgive yourself and be better, rise above, befriend yourself, dance…Become..Be… Truly Love and then you will truly be a human being, being truly human. My heart goes out to all of you that are hurting, I am too… I will pray for all of you and your loved ones and for all the employes and their loved ones, for the conditions to be improved and that we don’t judge unless we are makeing that six figure income because we do not really know anyones complete story. So Love Humanity ..Love One Another…Change The World…We all have the Power…use it..and ALWAYS,Always LOVE! I Love You. From Someone to Everyone…….

  91. Yes i agree. That is nice and all but it dosnt help me with finding out anything about an inmate. Nobody answers the phone there. Are thy aloud to make phone calls? I set up an acc.. so he could call, wrote a letter to let him know and still nothing. I dont know if he even got my letter. What do i do? I need help. God this is so hard i havent herd anything in over a week. Please help!

  92. Hi Angel: I just spoke to a kind officer that told me the social workers number, it may help you in your quest to reunite with your loved one…it is 313-875-8793..try that..also the inmates are allowed to make phone calls collect and by cell phone…However, a prepaid account must be set up with PSC daily dile…call 888-288-9879..I found this cell phone info from this web site ..check out Chrissy on 8/11/07. I don’t know if the phone number is still valid but it’s worth a try. In case you are not aware, the inmate has to make an appointment for you to visit and then inform you by letter or phone. The inmate is responsible to keep the appointment with you…no one will remind them. have to be 17 or older to visit their parent. Also, the officer told me today that the inmates see a Dr. when they come in. Sorry but my knowledge of the visiting hours are a little fuzzy but ask the social worker when you speak to her. Well, Angel, that’s all I know at this time. I understand your frustration and pain, I feel it too. Stay in prayer and Believe that Our Heavesly Father will guide and protect your precious loved one. Pray Psalm 91 over him every day and hang in there. I Love You….Someone

  93. SOMEONE! Thank you for your response it is very helpful and for your encouragement. I have been going stir crazy trying to find out anything as if this whole thing is not hard enough. I have been so very blue. Catching myself crying at a stupid song or dumb commercial so thank you for the Psalm 91 it really helps. I did call that number and i got to set up an account so hopefully he will call. Also sent a letter with a money order witch successfully arrived there the only problem was i did not fill out the money order like an idiot [didnt knw i was suppose to] so i called and the man said that they most likely will have him fill it out. So alot of progress since your response and now playing the waiting game. Thanks again Angel

  94. Hi Angel!
    I am so happy that you have made some progres, wish I could say the same. I am so blue and tears are just a thought away. We are in the dark but I believe God will shine a light and let us know that our son is o.k. We have not had a call or letter and it has been weeks since he has been at Dickerson. Thank you for letting me know that you are closer to hearing from your Precious Someone. I wish people would realize how hard it is on us, when someone is gone from our lives. Keep the Faith and remain in Prayer. I Love You..Someone

  95. Someone. I am so very sorry to hear that you to have not heard a word ether it is heart breaking believe me I know and understand. I to wish people could get the severity and pain of our situations. I guess if you have never been through it before you dont know but they realy could have some compassion. It all is so unbelievable hard to deal with him being gone i am so alone. I did talked to his lawyer today and he said that it sometimes takes weeks before you get a letter or phone call because it take them that long to get them in the system then they can try to get in touch. [stupid i know] That should be the very first thing they allow is to let them reach there loved ones. They have no mercy and it breaks my heart. OH how i miss him so. We were planning our wedding wow we were so happy but now I cry every morning when i awake and every night before I sleep. I hope and pray all day that he is ok. I pray for you also that GOD will help comfort our pain. Thanks again for your help. Angel

  96. Hi Angel:
    I am so saddened to hear that you are no closer to reaching your percious someone, it was the only bright spot thought this whole ordeal, I thought, at least Angel is making some progress and her heart can be a little lighter.
    Sorry that your wedding plans are put on hold, but you can still make plans ,right? You still need to get ready for when the time comes and you are reunited. You just can’ stop, you have to persevere for both of you, in all things.
    BELIEVE in miracles and Love overcomeing all things. God is Good and we are His and He wants all good things for us. It only takes Him less than a nano second to let sunshine surround you, to change the most awful circumstance, to reverse anything. Try not to lose your faith and courage, you are more than you think and stronger than you know, after all, you are the kid of “The King”, created in His awesome image. Let’s agree to pray for favor over our Precious Someones and continue to lift each other up. It has been good for me to talk to you, I feel alone too sometimes and we are in the same boat, who could understand this more than we do. All of the “we” that are going thought this maze of misery and heartbreak. I don’t understand the movitation of the jail employees, perhaps seeing the worse of some people has hardened their hearts. I feel bad for them because they are missing out on the beauty of people too. I know the inmates have make mistakes but they are still people and they need us, all of us, more than ever now. They are hurting and lost, just like we feel lost without them.
    Do you ever watch Joel Osteen, he is on the Family channel, midnight Sunday. He will lift your spirit and not make you feel bad, like some preachers, always saying, your a sinner, yeah, we know, no one is perfect or they would be Jesus!
    Anyway, he is lovely and worth watching.
    He will let you know that you are really
    Someone and you are! That you are loved and treasured.
    I called the social worker and left a message, hope she calls back and sheds some light in thls constant darkness. Her voice sounded sweet, I hope she is, we all need sweet.
    I will remain in prayer for our loved ones and for All of Us…
    Always Love….Someone

  97. Hi Angel! Great news, I got a letter today and he says he is o.k. and to write to set up a visiting time. I am so realived. I hope you get some good news soon and that you will be sharing some time with your Precious Someone soon.

    Always Love, Someone

  98. Hi Someone,

    I am very sorry to pass on bad news. There has been a substantial amount of new progress. I received a phone call from my someone. It takes about two weeks to get into the system, and you do have to have an account set up so they can call you. When he called it asked me if i wanted to accept the collect call, with the account already set up, all I had to do is press 0. I did not have to put in my credit card number. It was very simple. The phone call was so exciting and it was wonderful to hear his voice. My heart was racing. We both started laughing and crying at the same time. He told me it was very hard in there and they don’t tell you anything. Nor do they help you out with anything. He sounded very positive. He did receive my letter and money order. It took a couple of weeks before he could use the money. It important that you have the name and id number on the money order. That’s some great news that should brighten both of our days. I spoke to him for a half hour, 15 minutes per call.

    I haven’t had a chance to watch that show, but I will check it out. I also really enjoy talking with you. I am sorry we are in the same situation, but it is comforting to know that I am not the only one going thru this. You are a positive inspriation to me and I do very much enjoy our chats. I dearly hope that you soon hear from your son.

    If you do have a little extra money, they do have a little store in which they can purchase such items as toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc… They do not provide those things for them.

    I did receive a letter from him today. It took a little over a week for me to receive it. It is a pre-stamped envelope. I think they get one weekly.

    Thank you again for your inspiration and incourangment. I will keep you in my thoughts an prayers that you hear from your son soon. Keep me posted, and I will do the same.

    God Bless!


  99. OOOOH WOW SOMEONE!!!!!!!!! I can not believe we both got a letter! YEAH! You have to tell me when you got it because i swear we got them the very same day wow that is so weird. God really works in misterious ways. I am so very happy for us both. I wanted to let you know that yes i am going to continue to plan our wedding you are so very right and i can always run things by him through letters or phone calls. Now that i have received one of each.HAHAHA. Its just not as fun without him but it made him happy that i was going to continue. He wants me to. isint that wonderful. I so am going to sleep so much better tonight i hope you do to. How i love that man with mistakes and all. He is so good to me. God really blest me when he gave him to me. None of us are perfect and if God can forgive so can we. He is such a good man who just got into some stupid trouble. We are also trying to set up visiting time I know i cant hardly wait I imagine your the same. This is so crazy we both get word at just about the same time.Thats just so awsome. I hope you received good news from the social worker? I do enjoy our little chats very much.It was great to get news but we are still sitting in the same bout that i feel is still have empty. It is fun for me to see a new little note from you i dont really talk to anyone about it because they cant relate. I just thank you for your time. I am going to try in catch that show this sunday it sounds great .hope you have a great evening. Talk with you later. Angel

  100. Hi Angel:
    My eyes got all misty and my heart is joyous, I am so happy for you! and us too. I am also pleased that you will continue planning for your life together. It will keep you motivated and fill up the lonely time with anticipation and purpose. When you are reunited you will be all ready to become one in the sight of God and man. I am happy to hear that you Precious Someone is so good to you…so is My Man, he is selfless and has the best heart of anyone, I have ever meet.

    We should all be good to each other, I believe, one of our main purposes on Planet Earth is to realize our true purpose here, and believe me it is not to collect stuff..I’ve heard tell, on our death bed we will not be asking about our bank balance! Like in the movie “Ghost” all you take with you is the LOVE…I LOVE LOVE!!!! Check out 1 John..chapter 4…it’s about Loveing…

    I agree everyone makes mistakes and they are said to be the greatest teachers and the hardest. The key here is to learn from them, not repeat, become better human beings and to keep
    someone else from falling into the same pit. Without mistakes we fail to grow and become who we are suppose to be in the Human Family.

    The social worker didn’t return my call. I need to call back. I’m sure she is overloaded with work. Funny our government can waste billions of our $$$$ on whatever, and refuse to provide our money to help people. It saddens my heart, there is so much injustice in the world, that is why it is called the veil of tears.

    I too enjoy our time together here, it lifts me up to know that I am reachin out to Someone that needs me…everyone wants to be needed and vital, everyone wants to belong, ego, that’s why people join gangs, karate, dance, church and so on.

    We all want to be Loved, Loved, Loved…that is the most important of all of our needs, when we are Loved all other needs are meet; food, clothing, shelter and comradeary.

    Thank you for your kind words you are helping me too, to get thru this and I anticipate hearing from you.

    Stay in Prayer, continue to pray psalm 91 over him and Always Love! I Love You! Someone

    PS We picked up our letter yesterday 9/22 and it was post marked 9/21…did we match?

  101. Hi Someone, I am so happy you have a good man isnt it wonderful.I thank God every day for him. He also is very unselfish and so attentive to me.I honestly did not believe I could have ever find someone so amazeing like him. Like just today he meet some guys in Dickerson and one of them had no way to get in touch with his famley so he called me with some phone numbers and now they are going to see him tomarrow at 7. He is always thinking of others and ways to help. My sweetie says everybody in there so far has been really nice and they all seem to look out for each other. He was sick not feeling good and a couple of the guys brang him food and something to drink. You have know idea how good that made me feel. I thought that was so cool they all stick together and have each others back. He said the food is not very good so he gose to the little store and they have goodies there.Just another way our government is comeing though for us. They need to be healthy. Is it not crazy how everybody judges them for makeing mistakes and there suppose to be these awful, awful people and here they all are watching out for each other. WOW!! That really touched my heart you know. I do hope that lady calls you back. Some more good news would be great dont give up your probably right that shes busy, But at the same time it is very importent. I do pray she is nice and that she can shed more light on the situation. OOH i got to go be back soon im haveing AT&t service instead of comcast ther alot cheaper. Have a great day! Talk with you soon LOTS OF LOVE!!! Angel PS. My letter 9/20 lol! hahaha. Sorry so sloppy.

  102. Hi Angel: It is so good to hear good news and I feel so much better to know that the guys are there for each other. I always say if we are not here for each other, what are we here for!
    I forgot to tell you that you can go to Joel and be inspired.
    He also has a pod cast.
    I have not heard from the social worker but I plan on calling again tomorrow and writing too. Also have not heard from his lawyer. Maybe the social worker with enlighten me.
    Did you already set up an apt. to see your honey? We have not, would like to set it up for one morning next
    week. I miss him so much, I keep remembering days before when we were happy. Hope we can make some new happy
    memories soon. Noone on this planet it getting any youngeer ha!
    I am so happy for you, that you have been able to talk with him and laugh together again. See Angel you just needed to hang in there, exercise your Faith and Believe in the Good of Man..even the worst of us has some beauty, it may be hidden by misdeeds, hate and hurt but it is there, ready to rekindle and blossom anew.
    I will be looking forward to hearing from you. Have a wonderful day and Always Love…. Someone was so neat that we both got letters on the same day, one more thing we have in common..

  103. Hi Someone, How are you to day?Sorry I have not been in touch I have been so busy with the lawyer and planning everything. Plus decorateing our new house. Everything is coming along beautifully. WOW i tell ya im so excited I just found out that my special someone HOPEFULLY is coming home on a personal bond next week until his trial starts which gives us a couple months together. JESUS help me when he has to leave for along while I just don’t know what Im gona do. That is why I have not set up a visit. PLus he said that the visits are through a glass window and there are no phones so you have to yell through it which sounds terrible. I don’t know though I haven’t been there. When you go let me know how it is. When he actually gets sentenced thay said he will probably be in mialn. I do believe that is over on 23 off of hy 96. I don’t even want to think about any of that it honestly just about rips me into. Over there they have contact visits which is so much better. Im so sorry you have not heard from anyone yet the lawyer has got to know something. Keep trying im telling ya just keep trying. I swear I called so much I know I had to have drove them all BATTY. HAHAHA! I know he loves and misses you all very much and you will make lots and lots of new happy and wonderful, wonderful memories together. I promise! I don’t believe God would ever allow someone to take that away from us forever. I know your a wonderful women! An AWSOME mother and friend. The glue that holds it all together. It can be a very heavy load to carry. But that is why God gave it to you he knew you could handle it he knew you would turn to him and ask for help and that is what he is there for to give us someone to lean on when the road gets so unbelievable hard. I believe that is why we met. I will be catching the Joel Osteen show toarrow night I have been waiting all week I have yet to see his pod cast but I will. Im kinda excited if you like him that much he has to be good. I cant wait. I received another phone call. YEAH! the boys dinner apparently was awful so they all got together and went to the little store and bought stuff to make tacos together. Each one of them put in there part so they all could spoil them selfs and eat real good. I though that was so funny. Typical boys and there food they do love to eat.HAHA! Anyways I hope you have a great day and hope to hear from you soon. Love Always Angel P.S.I think we have alot more in common than we think! I am loving every day!

  104. Hi Earth Angel:
    I was waiting for a word from you, then I started praying that all is still on a positive path. Your letter made me cry. First, it is so awesome that you are uplifted and that you are able to talk with your PS. Second thank you for all the kind words, sometimes I feel like I totally failed my son, wondering what could I have done different, what should I have said, where should I have taken him, who should I have talked to. We have made many efforts, spend lots of money and time but to no avil. God, I feel so broken. I love him so much and I miss him, our laughter, our time together, our relationship that drugs stold from us. God, I can’t stop crying. Don’t worry I’ll bounce back but for now it all hit me hard again. I have his two girls, for nine years now, and they are heartbroken that he is in jail again. I pray for God to turn it all around but when…I don’t want to lose him to drugs forver but there is no help for him, no rehab just jail. I question how is that helping, he is being punished for an illness, instesd of being helped. They should decrimilize drug users and provide the help they need to overcome, rise above this addiction. If God does ever bless me with enought money, I swear to Him I will open a place to lift up my brothers and sisters, with the love, care, consideratin and help, they desperately need and deserve. Their is a wonderful place in Ann Arbor but they only have so many free beds and of course, the waiting list is endless. Also, he won’t change it, he continues to do the same thing, end up in the same place and break everyone’s heart. Stay in prayer Angel for us and we will, of course, have you in ours. I have to go to my sisters now, we hardly see each other. So don’t forget about Joel at midnight. I will be watching, he is so wonderful and filled with the spirit of God. You will be blessed.. I Love You….Someone

  105. Hi Someone, It is human nature to question our selfs especially mothers. God installed a mechanism in mothers to love, protect, and encourage. I know your a good mother or you would not be questioning your self. But you shouldn’t. Drugs are a power all in its own. Something I know all to well and it is only by the grace of God and a very strong person who wants to change with an encouraging family can it happen. It is not your fault but I can see why you feel it is. You’re a great mom and to those beautiful little girls I bet you’re the greatest grandma! We all make mistakes nobodies perfect you cant keep asking your self were you went wrong you will go batty you need to ask your self how can I make what is in front of me better. I bet you have a beautiful family who loves you dearly and hates to see you sad I promise things will get easier. I am so sorry you’re so sad I will be praying that God helps you with your broken heart. I so know how you feel and I am sorry. Drugs are a disease and I agree he needs help not jail I wish there was something I could do. I will be praying for him. I watched Joel Olsteen! WOW! I will be watching from now on. Thank you. He is very inspirational. I thought he was excellent. He made so much cents to me and really said some awesome things. I really Hope by now you have some news. Talked with the social worker? How was your sisters? Did you do allot of catching up? I hope you had a blast. I have two younger sisters and we love each other so much every time were together we have a blast and laugh OOH so much. Please let me know how you are Im praying for you and loving you. Love always Angel

  106. Hi Angel: I am so glad to hear from you again! I am also very pleased that you watched Joel. I did too. He is so wonderful, just like you. Don’t forget you can go on to Joel and hear more. It was wonderful to see my sis again, she is my spiritual guide, when we were kids she always took me to church with her. She is one of the best people on the planet. She told me not to lose hope and keep praying Psalm 91 over my son, she is the one that told me about that Psalm. Thank you again for the uplifting words, I do feel better but the sadness remains because this has been going on for so long. I still hold on to God’s promises and I know He can change anything. If it wasn’t for my faith I don’t know how I would, could get thru this torment. I often wonder how people that don’t believe can handle life and all its heartaches. I was surprised to see your full name here but it is nice to know, it’s a pretty name. Have you seen your PS yet? I am so confused on why you have to set up a date, if I make a day to see him and he doesn’t get my letter on time and I go out there and don’t even get to see him, I will feel even more depressed! I guess I should try to get a cell phone and set up that account but I bet it is expensive. Sometimes I feel like I am being punished because of all the rules they set up. I wish they could understand how we feel. It really is not our fault our loved ones are there and we shouldn’t have to work so hard to support them and help them rise above the mistakes they have made. My GrandGirls are beautiful, wonderful and alot of work but they are worth every effort, every penny and every second of time that we spend on them. They are my joyous joy and I loves them with all that I am. Wow, I didn’t realize the time, I better get off of here and write to him, he knows he is always in my heart but I’m sure he would like a letter in his hand. Love You Angel, Hang in there and Always Love….Someone

  107. Hi Angel! Been waiting for a word, is everything OK? Let me know…miss you.

    Always Love, Someone

  108. Hi someone, I’m so very sorry I haven’t wrote. I have been so busy with the lawyer trying to get my man out of jail. We did, he is home now. OOOOH we are happy, for now. But we are so tired. Even if he is home only for a couple months its better than nothing. What a really hard week I have had. I feel like crying. He’s home and I’m so sick with like the flu, Just ran myself ragged. I wish those people new what pain they cause. They are so judgmental. Guilty until proving innocent. You know. Anyway I was just as surprised as you to see my full name on there my lab top dose that atimaticly and I have to correct it. My stupid lab top is to smart. Thank you for saying that about my name its french my mother got it out of a romance novel. I thought that was so funny. I have such mixed emotions about everything right now he’s home but not for long it feels like the end is near and were trying to ignore it and make the best of what time we have together. Happy but worried and sad all at the same time. God help me five years is what were are hoping for that’s crazy all in its self to be hoping for something like that. It’s so hard to even imagine being without him that long it rips me into my every being screams run, run far away from all this bullshit heartache and pain. I’m glad you got to spend time with your sister we all need family to love and support us. Thats wonderful you two are close. I’m close with my sisters but wish I saw them more everybody is so busy you know with life. It’s hard and so complicated. We all get stressed out and tired of it. As far as setting up an account on your phone so he can call it’s not to expensive they do charge you 8.00 each time you put money on it so if you do put as much as you can on it so you don’t have to do again for a while. Its about 7.00 dollars for 15 min. Not to bad gets expensive if you talk alot. But very helpful when setting up visits. I would if I were you once or twice a week is worth it. When you hear his voice it makes your day. Have you been yet to see him? I was told the majority of the guards there are raciest and cruel walking around like they own the place but a few are nice and helpful. I feel like a bunch of terrible people got together and said lets make it a law if people make mistakes we will rip them away from family and love ones put them all in a cage and try to extort as much money from them as we can. It’s so unbelievable when I think I have seen it all something crazier happens. It makes me so mad all I can do is just shake my head. I’m glad you have those beautiful babies I’m sure there alot of work but sure they love you so very much. Well, I have to go spend time with my sweetie now I have missed him so very much and I will keep in touch with you more I missed our conversations. I hope you’re doing better I have been worried about you and wondering how you’re coping with each day that passes by. Let me know. I love you. Angel xoxoxo P.S. If you need the number to set up an acc. I have it and can give it to you just let me know.

  109. Hi Angel: I am happy that your man is out for awhile. Make the most of your time together and cherish your Love for each other. Love is the main thing that makes life worth living and it is also the most painful of all. What a dichotomy!
    I am so sorry to hear about all the time your PS may be facing. Oh, God is only we could turn back time and redo it right. Too bad our lives don’t haave a rewind button!
    Chicken soup, gargle with one cup warm water to 1 teaspoon of salt ,if you can’t swallow, rest, drink plenty of liquids and pray. Hang in there Angel it will pass and you will still be have time with him. you better hurry and get better or else!
    I don’t see my sis alot but when we get together it is always wonderful.
    I hope you have someone to help you thru this difficult time you are having. Eveyone needs somebody to catch them when they fall.
    I havent’ed seen him yet, I wrote to him to set up an apt for us. We
    have to go in the morning, we don’t
    have a support system to help us with the girls, so it’s pretty much just us. I called the social worker again but she didn’t call back. She is probably really busy but I wish I could speak to her and ease my mind.
    I am always so saddened to hear that the guys are being treated badly, it breaks my heart and mind. I keep
    wondering if my PS is being hurt and then I pray and remain in prayer and have to believe that Our Heavenely Father is protecting him and softening hearts. I still cry and wish but it does no good, prayer does!

    Angel!!!!OMG my son is on the phone right now and he is out of there!!!! I am in major shock!!! He said they are closing the place down.
    WOW!!Prayers do work!

    I am so happy I”m going dancin right now!

    He told me that the people there are not mean, that some guys act up and they respond but he had no problems. So now you know the facts from someone that was there.

    Hang in there Angel and Keep the Faith…God will work things out for you and your PS…BELIEVE!!!!

    I Love You Angel! Always Love,


    PS: I still want to write to you , it has been good for me too.

  110. Hi Again Angel: I just read my letter and I said info from someone that was there, I know your PS was there too, duh…Take care and remain in hope and prayer. Love, Rose <3

  111. yo yo yigity hehe hi angel i am someones grandaughter i am so happy for u ur hubby is out for a whil hehe my daddy is out to he called and we all screamed we r so happy well i just wanted to say u r awesome my grandma told me everything and i am just amazied i think u rock

    -ariel like the little mermaid

  112. HI Someone and Someone Jr., OOOOH MY GOSH!!! I am so happy for you all. That was the most amazing letter from you both you had me screaming and laughing all at the same time. How awesome I just can’t hardly believe we both have them out almost at the same time. Prayer really dose work. I love you all so much and it was so sweet to hear from JR. I think you rock to. I will write you all more tomorrow to fill you in on everything. OOOH I can’t wait but I’m so tired right now and don’t feel good and my honey is holding me to sleep till tomorrow love you always. P.S. Please still write I love writing you. Angel SO happy So happy for us both. WOW you just made my day. xoxoxoxoxo Is that your name? Rose???? Im Smileing!!!

  113. Hey Angel: Yep, my name is Rose, last name Bush, psych… ha! I am so happy for you and us too, this is a Blessing for all of us, I believe that God was right in the middle of our letters and our Hearts. Since God is Everywhere, He is in the middle of Everything… Right? When our lives unravel Our Heavenly Father is the One with the silver threads and golden needles, to repair and renew us. We access that awesome truth and healing with our Faith and Belief! It is no surprise to me that both of Us reunited with our loved one within that short period of time. Nothing about OHF surprises me, I am in total awe of His Power, His Beauty and His Love. Oh, Lovely Love!!! I Love Love!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Just the sound of the word, LOVE, makes my spirit leep with Joyous Joy! Without Love life would not be worth living…where would the comradeary come from, the good deed, compassion, the unity, the reaching out to the person that wronged you. Without Love
    could we reach out to embrace that person, to forgive and help them rise above that wrong, to lift them up and help them be strong and to help them be better. That is why I am in such strong prayer for prisioners and their keepers. These people are hurt people, I believe that misdeeds are caused by hurt feelings and harsh treatment. By a feeling of not belonging, everyone wants to be a part of something, that’s why people form and join gangs. That is so sad! I send up special prayers for our guards, policemen and judges. Think about it, on a daily basis, they are exposed to some of the worst of us, to man’s inhumanity to man…So they need our prayers to help them through their difficult jobs and to keep them from becoming jaded and mean. We need to pray for them daily so they can be lifted up and still believe in the Goodness and potential of Man; You know, created in God’s Image and all!
    I know some people are just evil, I am not so naive that I don’t see and feel it. Like day has night, evil is the flip side of good. I think the reason we have evil is so that we have the right and knowledge to choose our life path. We are given the Right to sail our own ship, to map out our life plan and to learn that the real treasure here, on this awesome planet, is to discover that WE ARE THE TREASURE… ALL MEN SEEK…WE SEEK OUT ONE ANOTHER BECAUSE, WE ALL KNOW, WE ARE THE TRUE TREASURE..WE All NEED EACH OTHER. WE ARE THE FAMILY OF MAN!
    As far as the evil deeds man chooses to commit, they will stand before all truth, good and Love and be judged accordingly. All is jotted down and the Book Of Life will be read. We choose everyday, where we will spend Eternity, by every action, every word, every wrong we committed and didn’t make right. Everyone we hurt, everyone we helped, every kind deed, every mean word or plan, every bit of love or hate. Yep, this is the testing ground, where you pass or fail, Heaven or hell…We choose…choose wisely.. employ compassion and concern, brotherhood and Love..Yep it’s the L word again! Love That!
    I must close for now, it is getting late and I have to feed my Earth Angels.

    Always Love

    Love You & Yours, Rose

  114. Hello Rose, BUSH!! LOL! Hahahaha! That is so funny I can’t Hardly stop laughing you have a great personality. I sure do enjoy our little chat’s. I to believe that God played a huge part in us meeting. He had it planned all this time for us to support,love and encourage each other through a very hard time. I thank God for my new friend and our loved ones. It is amazing that good news happened to us both in such a short period of time. I was laying in bed with my man when I read the good news. I started screaming and laughing and my SP looked at me like I was crazy and was like what is wrong with you? When I told him everything that we have been through he was like WOW. He also new about them releasing people. I just was amazed It was a miracle and blew my mind I have never seen God work so fast and so blatantly before. Yes, we have the right to choose every day between good and evil and for me it use to be hard. I had so much anger in me but I have by the grace of God learned forgiveness. I have always loved the word love also. I love to love everyone and as each day passes I get better and better at it. It feels so good and my life is so much happier with love and goodness. He dose put some major challenges in front of me though. To test me. I am so happy for your happiness I hope all is well and going smoothly with him back. I bet the kids our thrilled to have their daddy home. Things maybe a little more easy for you now that he’s home to. I know for me it is like I have that piece of me that was missing. That piece that completes me and make’s me whole again. He is such a wonderful man. He help’s with everything and I mean everything! We cook and clean together we love and live together we do everything together. He is always doing something wonderful for me. Always thinking about and for me even before I ask. I usually don’t even have to do that. That is why I am marring him. We are really haven a great time together just like normal. But have our melt downs once in a while together like we just did a minute ago. Were ok its just not fare. Yes, he played his part in a bad decision but there really given it to him because of his brother and who his brother is. I cant even talk about it without crying it just rips me apart. I love him so much and can’t imagine life for five to seven years without him. All do to drugs. Please pray for us we are hurting. It’s so weird to say that because we are so, so happy right now being with each other. I want to know how everything is with you I am going to spend some more time with my SP. And write you later I am just to emotional right now to continue. Sorry! I cant wait to hear from you and God bless you and your family with love and joy. Angel

  115. Hi Angel: I am so relieved to hear from you again! I remained in prayer for you and your PS(precious someone-remember?) I prayed for OHF to send ministering, protecting and guardian Angels to surround both of you. Now we need to agree in Jesus name that your PS will be judged for who he is, not who his brother is, pray for justice to be done and for him to find favor. Perhaps he will receive help instead of being locked up, if he has a drug problem he is already a prisioner. Drugs rob the user of free will, they are the boss, they rule their life and they cause the crimes. They can destroy the strongest amoung us and make us weak and helpless in their mighty grasp. They steal dreams, destroy potential, seperate families, cause an ocean of tears, nightmares and daymares of fears and then they maim and kill and make alot of whole asses rich and powerful! I am not judging your man or my son, I just understand too well the hell of drugs. Besides, until I get that six figure income I ain’t judgeing ha..ha!

    I have not seen my son yet. About a month ago someone stold their car and they had no theft insurance. They, (the kids mom) don’t live close and we have never really seen them alot. It breaks my soul as time passes and we have few memories to cherish. I keep thinking how cheated we all are, drugs be not proud! you have seperated us in a way that wild horses couldn’t have… if only….someone stold their phone again too, so no phone calls. It’s like we live on two different planets and it is so sad….It really tears me up but even worst is the pain the kids are dealing with…not having their parents and living with two old, sick people. We are worn out but strive to be good as parents, going to school functions, etc. We have limited income and almost non existent help. Everyday is a struggle but we must continue on this path, we can not allow them to fall thru the cracks of foster care. It breaks my soul that we are not makeing memories to cherish. Drugs cheated all of us, out of a close family and I never really got to be a GrandMother, I am Mom again. Well enough of that, it’s time to Pray about it again…

    I am so happy that your man is so good to you, so is mine, he is an angel to me. We have been to hell and back alot, for awhile there I thought hell was my second resident.. haha..thru it all we remain together and in Love, so there is always some bright spot even in the darkest dark, God can and will shine a light. So Angel when life takes you down to the depths of hell, hold fast to the power of the soul, meditate on Heavenly things, man you Faith and Believe in GOOD, that will always overcome evil. The truth is the truth and nothing or noone can alter that fact! You know the truth, in your spirit, you can just feel it, when you hear it, you know it is the truth.. that is God speaking to you. He goes beyond words, he uses your Spirit, Your Heart , your Goodness, Your Love and then he gives you more to fill you up with all the beauty He is , all the beauty of life, of the Human Race.., raceing towards Each Other.. not careing about race, color, creed but the human form, the human purpose…to cherish mankind and to lift up the unkind, to discover how to live +ogether, to work together to heal the planet and each other, to cure dis-ease, to Become…US! – WE ARE THE TREASURE…ALL MEN SEEK…

    Angel, I really enjoy writing to you, it is therapy for me, it strengtens my faith and makes me think. I like to tell someone how I feel, how I cope and how I roll. LOL..Stay in faith and prayer and Always Love…

    Love, Rose

  116. Hello Rose, I think you have such a beautiful name. It goes with your beautiful personality that shines through to me every time you write me. I love that we meet. You are such a positive and encouraging outlet for me. I know why God put you in my life. He knew I needed someone to talk with and share my feelings with. But just not anyone he knew I needed someone who actually could understand what I have been going through. Someone who could relate, someone more or less in the same boat. I again and again thank God for a friend like you. Thank you Rose! Thank you for your prayers. I do appreciate it I really do. I pray everyday for you and your family and mine. My SP use to have a problem with a drug but was in jail and went through withdraws there and came out clean. Determined to never touch it ever again. I told him I couldn’t be with anyone who had a bad problem like that .He said he loves himself and me to much to ever again be a slave to that crap. I am proud of him. I think it’s a struggle every day for him but he wont say that is why I encourage, support and love him every minute of every day letting him know how proud of him I’m. That’s not the issue. The issue is( without saying to much) that they were moving big, big amounts of it and he played his part. A small part but all the same still made a bad decision. We went and seen the probation officer and the pretrial services officer today. It was a very heart felt and emotional meeting that went very well. They are coming this week for a house visit and when we get married in a week or so they said they would actually let us go any were we wanted for a honey moon. They both were very nice. We left there with good feelings in our hearts. I am sitting here in bed writing you and watching him yell at the ball game on tv while cleaning my tennie shoes thinking to myself how stinking cute he is and how blessed I am to have him. I am so sorry to hear you have not seen your son. What about their mother? What is she doing? How far do they live? I feel bad you pretty much have had to start all over again. But without you those beautiful girls would have no one and the world would eat them up and spit them out. Thank God they have such wonderful grandparents to protect,love and steer them in the right direction. I know it is hard work, time consuming, expensive and challenges your patience but worth it. You are a strong, loving, and caring woman and that is exactly what those kids need. God is by your side always helping you every step of the way. He knows you need him. They haven’t seen their dad yet? That stinks. When I wonder? Terrible bad news about them being robbed Is every one ok? Did any one get hurt? Are you sick? I hope and pray you all are ok. In the time my man and I have been together we also have been through so much it’s absolutely unbelievable. I couldn’t even begin to explain but we know we love each other thats all that matters. We feel are hell has been happening for a while now and just going to get worse. Im glad you have someone who loves you so much. He sounds like a great man. I also love chatting with you it is very therapeutic for me. I hope the best for you and your family let me know what’s going on. I will write you again tomorrow. Till then I love and miss you cant wait to hear from you Rose. Have a great day! Angel P.S Tell someone Jr I said hi. Hope there doing good in school. They are in school right?

  117. Hi Angel: OMG, your getting married! WOW! I am so excited and happy for you and your honey, that is so awesome and great and good news! I pray, wish, hope, all the very best life can give to you and your PS. God will be there, of course, to witness this union of joyous joy and lovely love and my spirit will seek you out, on that beautiful day, and witness two becoiming one! WOW…I am getting all misty…

    Speaking of names, your name, Angel, suits you perfect. You are a lovely person, with a heart full of love and compassion. God also gave you to me and I too am thanking OHF that I have a friend like you that I can talk to and share my thoughts and feelings with. Life is so hard sometimes and talking it out is so helpful and healing. sure beats a shrink. I went to a shrink once, you should see the size of my head now, my hat falls over my eyes, LOL.

    I can relate to the drug thing, ditto. Our son has been at this since he was 13 and has pretty much destroyed our hopes, dreams , plans for him and our lives. He has stolen our happiness, peace of mind, joy and our Grandparenthood. Also, thousands of $$$. It sucks that it has been nine years since we got the girls and that their parents have missed so much of their lives. Our girls are broken because of the sparse relationship they have with them and their daughters love them so much and miss them and we do too. We strive to heal them but we come from a shattered place too, we are heartbroken for all that should have been, could have been and never was and worst of all may never be. We strive to heal them with our undying Love and prayer. We are having a really hard time with the girls. We have a teen and a preteen and they know it all! I will have to laugh in about 7-10 years when they tell each other how smart and wise we are and how much we learned in such a short period of time. LOL! Every day is a struggle and somedays I wonder why I even try, then I look into those beautiful eyes and my heart melts and I know I’m just butter..that’s what I call my hubby, caz he can be so upset and then I hug him and he just melts into a sweet calm. Most of the problem with the kids parents is they don’t want to change, if their kids can’t change them then only God can but so far….maybe God has not intervened becausse of free will. Right now free will sucks! I am so happy and relived to hear that your honey is rising above the ugly reality of drugs..they suck the life out of good people and make them a drug machine, they are almost non human…their only though, function in life is to get to their next do you fix that!!! Stay strong for your man, addiction is all consuming and it is hard to break a habit that the body craves and needs. The B Complex vitamin will help relieve the craving of any addiction including husband and I quit smoking in 1985. We had acupuncture and they gave us a weeks supply of the B complex. It is also good for calming your nerves when stressed out. Hang in there, according to the experts it takes 90 days for the brain to reset itself.

    The parents live in a bad neighborhood and we are afraid to go there. They are both in the same boat, so if one rises above the other drags them down. They both need to commit themselves to changing their lives together or seperate but…

    Well, Angel I have to go grocery shoping and buy some veggies for chicken soup. We have all been sick and I just spent two days in bed feeling more miserable than usual, ha.

    Always Love

    Will be waiting to hear from you my dear internet friend….

    Love You and Yours, Rose

  118. HI my sweet Rose,
    I just wrote you the most beautiful, beautiful letter and somehow the stupid thing just erased it. Im to tired and crying now to start all over again. Im so sorry. I will rewrite the letter tomorrow for you. I feel so bad and all I can do is cry cry, cry. I love you and hope you’re having a better day than me.

    love always your,
    Earth Angel

  119. Hi Earth Angel:
    Rose’s Believe It Or Not…the last letter I wrote you almost ended up the same way but Someone Jr. showed me how to retrive it. Apparently, I opened a tab and she closed it and then clicked on the Dickerson web site, tada! there it was. So Angel I can relate to your tears, I was a few seconds away from where you are now….I know your letter to me was beautiful, uplifting and inspirational and don’t forget all that is still in there, it’s in there, like Ragu..LOL, so when you have time rewrite all the great stuff in your heart, I know it always makes me feel better and I look forward to hearing from you.

    I was thinking last nite that it was no big surprise to me that God put us together, He runs the universe and beyond,beyond. He always was and forever will orginal thought about this was way better but it got lost in the muddle of life, anyway the jest is the same.

    Info about me…I have been writing poetry and songs since I was 8 or 9.
    I want to share them with You but not on the internet. They have been copyrited but still, they are my babies, part of my heart and soul and they are really good..not braging but know that I was chosen to be this vehicle for God’s expression…God said write this down Rose and I said OK, you just don’t say “no” to OHF! OK He didn’t say it in words, He said it in my heart and soul…When I meet my husband one of the things that sealed the deal was his poetic heart and we have been copoets ever since. He wrote a whole book of poems about me that make me cry, he is so beautiful and loving and I pray every nite for another day with my PS, who is Everything to me! My honey is sick, he got asbestosis from work and has been living with one third of one lung since 1990. It is thru the grace of God and his wonderful Dr. that he is still with us. He coughs all day and gets stomach aches and headaches from it. He is amazeing, never complains about it, or curses the factory he worked at. I do that all the time…don’t want to be hateing but they destroyed our lives, stold our money and shortened his life.
    For some good news, he went to his awesome Dr. and he doesn’t have cancer! However, he does have pneumonia again! We sued because they deliberately exposed their men to this poison that destroys the air sacks in the lungs…guess how much one and two thirds lungs are worth…less than $15, is an outrage, I have to pray my hurt and anger away on a daily basis, hearing the love of my life suffer day and nite..the damaged lungs overtaxed the heart and he has had a heart attack, quadruple by pass, five
    angiaplasty and a cyst on his kidney. We struggle daily to pay his medical bills that medicade won’t cover. I am afraid to spend any money for fear we can’t pay the medical bills or buy the expensive medicine. I will and have given up alot of stuff, including fixing up our house, to insure monies are there for my honey. Money is nothing if you lose the one you love and adore. I am crying again, this is unberable and never should have happened. How could they do this to people, I am glad there is a hell and I strive to be my best so I won’t have to spend eternity with those sub-human “people”…

    My honey just walked into the living room and saw me sobing again and asked what is wrong and I told him, he said, “Oh, honey we’re still alright, we are both alive, we are not starving and we have enough to live on but not well. See, he is one in 6+ billion (the number of humans on the planet).

    Listen my dear friend I have to go wash my tears away, put on a smile, hug my three angels and pray that God helps us thru this injustice and misfortune.

    I love you Angel, you are such a beautiful women and I pray for you and your man, that God will be in the middle of your life and make any wrong right! Hats off to your man for rising above the pit of hell that drugs bring. Tell him to remain strong, in 3 months his brain won’t even remember it! YaHoo!!

    Remember to Always Love!

    Love, Rose

  120. Hello my Sweet,Sweet Rose,
    That’s so crazy. That is exactly what I did. I opened anther tab to google a word and then it asked me if I wanted to close it. Well, ya I did want to close THAT tab but instead it closed everything. I cried so hard I could hardly write you the little that I did. I felt so bad. I wanted you to have a lovely letter to read, enjoy and brighten your day. But instead I screwed it up. Man that was so hard for me to get over. I’m not the best on a computer (lab top) but I’am getting better every day and my SP knows nothing ( at ALL) about it ether. LOL. So I’m kinda on my own. I’m so glad someone Jr helped you because it’s not something you want to experience. I’m still upset about it but at least I’m not crying any more. That was terrible!

    On a better note! YES,YES I’am getting married! I can’t hardly wait! Sometime in the next week or so. Were just going to go down town here in waterford were we live and have a very little wedding. Until he is done with his time. So for now it’s kinda a secret. I have very relgious family. A good and loving family who only wants the best for me but not sure they would understand. I want them to know my SP for who he is not for what he has done. They know I’m courting him but don’t know how serious it is. We need this to help us feel closer I think through a very hard time that is headed our way. I don’t question for a minute that he is the one for me. So when he is out then I will let them know that we need to start planning for a big wedding. I’m adding his name before my last name for now then change it later to the right way. I’m so very existed I can’t hardly wait. I have yet to get my birth certificate but I have been so sick in bed for the past couple of day with the flu or something terrible. My SP has been holding my head while I throw up and running to get anything and everything that I need. Such a sweet man.
    He has made his share of mistakes it’s not a drug problem anymore ( without saying to much) they were moving big, big amounts of the crap. He played apart in all of it. A small part, but just the same a bad decision. The sentence it carries is a big one and we are doing our best to decrease it. Thats all I can really say on the internet about it. That’s so crazy.
    I swear your letters are becoming the high light of my days. I absolutely would love to hear some of your poetry. That is so beautiful the two of you have something so romantic in common. Copouts, that’s so sweet. Maybe if we email each other or somehow communicate more privately so we can share more with each other. I would love that! Got any ideas?
    I cried through your letter. My God I wish there was something I could do. I will pray extra hard for your SP that OHF will take away and heal the pain you both feel. I would to be angry if I were you. I don’t know how you have contained your self this long. I don’t know how people can be so cruel, selfish and uncaring. Thats just so unbelievable. I don’t even know what to say. I love you and I’m so sorry. I’m here for you. YOU let me know if there is anything more I can do and you know I would try my best. That’s what friend’s do!
    Thank God for that wonderful doctor. It’s hard now day’s to find a good doctor. There usually out for your money.
    OH MY look at the time. I will be back after I’m done with dinner. My man needs something to eat. Then back to the bed I go and I will write you some more my BFF!
    Love your,
    Earth Angel

  121. Hi Angel: I just spent an hour writing you a nice long letter and just as I was ready to send it HP updates came on and it got lost…too tired to cry or write more…

    Love, Rose

  122. OOOH sweet Rose,
    I’m so, so. Sorry. Don’t feel bad honey. It’s ok! I don’t know what HP update is? LOL. But I know how you feel. I hated loosing your letter we have GOT to do something to stop this madness. Let’s brain storm together and figure a way. I know your letter was beautiful they all have been so wonderful to have and read. So don’t worry when you get time rewrite it. I will be here waiting. WOW! I have heard all of this some were before HMMMM? LOL. Its like. I recall someone telling me the same thing not to long ago. LOL.

    Anyway’. I was going to ask you. Your poems? They were copyrighted? I don’t know what to say. What happened? Someone stole them from you and said they were their own? I really would love to hear some of them. I bet there beautiful and powerful. I love to hear your SP is so romantic and your poetic together. Mine is to. He just bought me some flowers to try to make me feel better. I love my man so much I would just die without him. That is why I have been slow at getting back with you sometimes I like to write you when he sleeps or he just sits here starring at me because he will be going away soon and I will have plenty of time to write you then. So I write at night most of the time.

    To hear of such sorrow you have been through and pain your SP is going through just brakes my heart. I pray OHF heals your pain along with ours. We are going thru alot of sadness also. I’m so scared of loosing him you don;t even know. I have to write the judge a heartfelt, emotional and characterizing letter about my SP and I don’t even know were to begin. It’s so important and I don’t want to mess it up. Language and English have never been my strong points if you know what I mean. Well, I’m going to end this and spend a little time with my sweetie he just woke up that cutie of mine. Love you Rose and cheer up tomorrow is a new day and I’m here for you.
    P.S. If he goes back to sleep I will write some more.

    Love you always,
    Your Earth Angel

  123. Hello My Sweet, Sweet Rose,
    How is you’re mourning going so far? I;m sick and have been up most of the night with some sort of terrible flu. My sweetie just made some chicken noodle soup and crackers for me. My mother always said to take charcoal tablets you can get from GNC. Break a couple of them in half in a small glass of water and shoot it down like you would a shot. Charcoal is a cleanser and will rip anything bad you may have in your body without taking any of your vitamins out. Also a fresh clove of garlic cut up real fine on a piece of butter toast REALLY helps with a sore throat. I now sounds terrible but it’s not so bad and I swear buy it. Get better sweet Rose.

    Love Angel

  124. This is not a message board. If either or both of you would post with a valid e-mail address, you could send private messages through the website.

    Further comments made without a valid e-mail address will be removed.

  125. Hi Hillary: My correspondance with you is long overdue, I had planned on writing to thank you and Steven for your helpful website. When I first found your website I was so thankful there was a place I could find some info about inmates and that your website was there for me. As I read through all the comments, I felt all the hurt snd saw the confusion that families felt and again I was thankful that people had a place to vent and receive correct phone numbers and valuable web site info. Although your website was not intended as a message board for family and friends, of inmates, it has been a vehicle for expression and gives people hope, at the very least they feel they are doing something. I am sorry that I used your website inappropiately , it was never my intension. Yes, our letters were long, we are just two people that needed someone to be there for us, someone to understand our feelings, hopes, fears and to share our faith. I will not take anymore of your space but I do appreciate my time on it, in my eyes you are a star for the help you and Steven did offer via your website, you have made a difference.
    Sincerely, Rose

  126. Ex-boyfriend/Ex-babydaddy/Friend has been in dickerson since thursday 10/22/09, just got a chance to visit him today,my heart goes out to all the families with loved ones locked up because it was extremly hard to only get 30mins to visit with him<3 and then have to leave him<3 there as he<3 watched me be able to leave and be free but by the grace of god he’ll be out of there next monday…even tho he can’t see this i’m still gonna say i love you love you love you and stay strong baby.

  127. Grandson in Dickerson for 10 days. Have contacted this number 2 times , did not get name of first officer but 2nd officer today was Mr.Holliness both were very helpful and polite.. and I thank them very much…contact number I used was 1-313-875-7000 Hope this helps you guys to get info on your loved ones

  128. Is it possible for a message to be given to someone. My Nephew is there and his Mom is just sick because she has not heard a word from him. Jeff Norris is his name and I need him to know it is ok to call home. She needs to hear from him. She has heart problems and this has been very hard on her.
    Cheryl Reedus

  129. When sending mail to inmate, how do I get the inmate number Is it the booing # or docket # ok thanks anybody who can help me out thanks in advance


  131. I spent some time in dickerson and i can say the officer’s were real ass holes. The male officers were banging the female officers and got mad that the inmate’s would speak with the female officer’s. Hell even taking a shower a woman officer would take a peek and make you press ya bunk when you seen her.

  132. RODNEY: do you mean send them a letter or call them or just see if they are listed as in that facility?

    you may be able to use the offender search on the michigan website, i think its public information….

  133. I was put in Dickerson and it was suppose to be for a day or 2. They were suppose to releaseme and they made an error. I had emotional distress! I was locked in there for 6 days. By there frickn mistake. The guards were all rude and everytime I asked for some help they shut me down and I was ignored. I am seeing a lawyer because I’m having a difficult time sleeping. The food was terrible. THey made a drastic mistake. They will pay.

  134. Attention; Law Libarian;

    Dale;Law Librarian Wayne County Sheriff Thank Sir For Your Help
    officer helping me find a lessor charge
    to cope to Man with out I don’t think officer I would have made it out of a
    life Sentence . I think it was combination you and me and my attorney
    ,but i left with saying thank you ,
    Thank you Sheriff Deputy Dale Law Libarian Sincerely ; Gerald

  135. This is for mah Lil Brother Adam,

    Hey Lil Bro just wanted to tell you that I love you lots and miss you tons… Well I hope your see this & hope you know that we can’t wait until you return home soon enough… It killed me seeing you in that window then seeing you in cuffs I lost it Lil brother… I love you Adam C Barnhart your always be mah Lil brother no matter what… Shadow & Salem say hurry up they miss you also well Take care & Ill be trying to see you soon as I can Lil brother * Tears * I sooo miss you & cant stop crying

    Love Always
    Your Sister

  136. To send letters, you must provide the inmate’s inmate number. You can search it here:

    The address is:
    William Dickerson Detention Facility
    Inmate’s name and number
    3501 Hamtramck Drive
    Hamtramck, MI 48211

    The inmate must set up visitation themselves. You need to be at the jail at your scheduled time. You must have your i.d., and that is the only thing you’re allowed to bring in with you. They will let you know when it is your turn, and instructions are provided on where to go. You get 30 minutes with the inmate and you MUST be back downstairs in the lobby when the 30 minutes are up, or the inmate will be disciplined and you will not be allowed to visit anymore.

    To set up a PCS inmate calling account you can call 888.847.3206, or go to their website:

  137. Hey I hope your ok & wish you the best of luck Adam…I miss you tons cant wait for you to get out soon…I love you Adam & work out harder then last time aright we all miss you here… Kyle…Amanda…Bryan…Mike…Chad…rich…My mom…an old friend named Robert Adam says hello well take care iight

  138. My boyfriend is in Dickerson. I called to ask what the address is to write to him and they gave me a different one than the 3501 one. WHAT IS THE ACTUAL ADDRESS TO WRITE TO AN INMATE THERE? I’ve just sent out like, 2 letters and 2 cards for Father’s day and now I’m concerned they wont make it there. SOMEONE HELP

  139. Hello, I just wanted to know how many times can they get visits? is it one visit per week? ANd it’s only 30minutes for real?

  140. I love you baby boy Adam with all my heart your my everything… I miss laying with you and having your hands on me touching my skin…. I miss kissing them hot lips of yours and seeing them brown eyes of yours looking deep in my blue eyes telling me everything is gonna be ok… I miss you holding me sleeping next to me taking away all my tears I miss feeling your breath you my skin and the little fights we got into but always made up… Your my one & only baby… I LOVE ADAM CLAYTON BARNHART

  141. Boo,

    I miss you so much. Tryin ta holla atchu even doe you in jail. Missin you. Tyreese be missin you too. Maybe if you had paid your child support we aint be havine all deeze problems.


  142. K,

    Me and the children miss you so much as does YOUR city. This Bing prick has no idea what he’s doing. Please hurry home so we can get back to our extravagant lifestyle!!



    P.S. are you even in this jail?

  143. My cousin is being held at this facility but he is a federal inmate how can I get a letter to him and where would I send it, just to the 3501 Hamtramck Dr? and whats the zip?

  144. Hello to all, I need a favor. If someone reads this message, can you please let Tim Jackson aka TJ know that Sugar loves him and misses him so much! Also, I will be waiting for him when he gets home.

    Please let him know I am out of cornbread so he needs to bake me another one when he gets home.

    Thank you to whomever relays this message to him for me. God bless you all at W.D.D.F.

    Love always,


  145. Hey babii boii whats popping nuffin much here yu know me I miss you tons like always babe… Your bk in Dickerson huh work them arms out lol & can’t wait to see you on Tuesday babii I’m always your gurl ppl b askin bout yu well Misty Marie Barnhart love her Brown eyes babii Adam Clayton Barnhart with all her heart mauh baby boy ill be writeing you soon enough honey

  146. Hey boo this ur wifey Denesha. I miss u so much AntioneD Smith. Keep ur head I really hopeu get too c this I love u so much.I miss u so much plz write.JaMiya miss u too. Hurry up and cum home.

  147. This is for my son John Paul Saucillo today he celebrates 18 years old. Happy birthday to my son. I hope this is a learning experience.


    Mom S.

  148. Johnny I really didn’t want to call the police but there had to be a stop sign on your behavior and actions. Responsibility comes with learning and respecting yourself, others, and the environment.

    I love you Johnnie.

    Good luck in all you do! Finish school.

  149. I am scheduled to start a 10 month sentence at Dickerson on August 16th. The judge & prosecutor agreed to work release also. I needed to know if anyone knows about the “good time” there for good behavior. I know off 1 year an inmate will do approx. 9 1/2 months, but what about 10 months? Also. if anybody else knows anything about the work release program, anything, please post all info. From my experiences in jails (and there have been many unfortunately)a person has to approach the situation w/ humility & patience. The guards are not there to be your friends or even discipline you. They are paid to babysit you period. You have to be independent & self-sufficient in there. He/she 99% of the time knew what they were doing to get in there just like me. So stand up like an adult and face the consequences. That is what I’m doing, probably sincerely for the 1st time in my life. I am sorry for all the ppl I have hurt & disappointed but know this, I won’t be gone for long & I WILL BE BETTER when I come home. I feel for the families w/ loved ones in there. I know it’s hard but you have to give it all up to God who is much stronger than you & can handle it way better than U can. But you have to strengthen your spiritual foundation tomake it through these trying times. Not only during his/her incarceration but afterwards also. Remember, they can’t keep me/him/her/them locked up 4ever(-: They have a release date and trust me, you would rather have us there than downtown right about now. We use to call Dickerson “Camp CandyLand” simply because it is 10 times better than the downtown facilities w/ no air-conditioning, dirty as hell, 8-10 stinky & sweaty men all bunched up in a sardine can, food really sucks and everybody is mad about something EVERYDAY. At least @ Dickerson, you either are in a dorm (4-man cubicles),or 1-2 man rooms w/ locks,”freedom” to move about throughout the Pod, they have a rec area w/ a garage door-like thing that opens up for fresh air,and you don’t have to always be up in someone’s face 24/7. Relay this message to your loved ones; Stay to yourself, be yourself, have patience & a lot more faith. WE only have 2 days in there, the day we go in & the day we get out. Don’t worry about the guards pl. That we get U nowhere. Trust me.

  150. Also, if anyone wants me to try & reach out to a loved one in Dickerson after 8-16-11, leave a message for me at before August 14th. Give me there name & nickname just in case and what U want me to tell them. But please take into consideration that it is a big jail & we will highly unlikely be housed in the same area/dormitory. So I might not see him at all. Be patient, pray a lot more and know that if he’s not in there acting all tough n stuff, he will not get into any altercations whatsoever. Everybody in there is trying to go home and 1 altercation will make that brief stay into a longer one. Especially if they lose their time for “good behavior”. *NOTE* I am good & solid dude yall despite my past. I won’t use this as a means to hurt only to heal. And please ladies, I’m flattered but I have a woman already that I am exclusively loyal to & in love with. No dating inquiries please. I am preparing to be away for awhile and I want to have everything covered by the time I have to turn myself in. God bless you all & keep ya head up. Peace & Chicken grease(smile)

  151. yes, he can but it all depends on them really. According to my lawyer, I’m only going to be there about 30 or so days off a 10-month work release sentence. But we’ll see. i keep hearing about it but won’t really know til I get there next week. I’ve been trying to find out for sure since I found out I was going.

  152. Why dose you has facility where you cann’t reach no one about information. I keep calling and rings and rings and then goes beeping then hangs. I on low income and need to keep my phone. Sad I can n’t reach no one at this facility to talk too. I cann’t get up and go to facility and find out what going. This need to reported for all the people needing information. They get from this facility and has to come to facility to find out information. Why had a phone that tax payer pay and no one is answering the phone. The phone should be taken out the facility and tax payer can save a dime. This horrable for many families needing information and later be told they don’t have enought operators. You put on whole or something. Why I am getting a no answer. This need be report to about the phone. I need someone to concat me at 313-9747456. If don’t recevie any concat from an offical not just my son. I will had to take this matter to a higher matter. This horrable for familes. I know why I desire to do not only for myself but others. I heard others speaking about how hard it is to get someone to give you information from this facility. This should be. Just the money low dose mean the families which seeking information shouldn’t had to pay money to come all down their to get information.

  153. I agree with Claudia about the phone situation. I was a inmate at Dickerson and worked in the kitchen for 3 months. I have been tryng to contact them so that I can receive credit for the service that I performed, and have been able to get through to no one. This is a terrible situation! We do need to complain to the correct person/peole and get this type sutuation taken care of. Does anyone have any suggestions as to whom we should contact?

  154. how long do you think my husband well stay in dickerson for VIOLATION OF CONDITION OF RELEASE?? 6months?? or will he be home soon??

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