Today at City Council

Councilman Klein proposed a resolution to fly city flags at half staff and maintain a wreath at Pope Park until April 11. Resolution passed unanimously.
A representative from the city employee union, Local 666, requested that the position of Jr Accountant be eliminated from the Economic Development Department as the Economic Development Director was eliminated some time ago and this position has no supervisor. The woman currently doing the job would like the position to be eliminated so that she may bump into another position with the city. There are vacancies to be filled at the library and assessors office, so no one will lose their job. Councilman Cirgenski mentioned that the Council had requested a job hierarchy from many workers at city hall and that council had not received one.
Mr. Hood of the Grand Haven-Dyar neighborhood claimed to have evidence that “rights have been violated” and asked for council to hold up billing for a month.
Mr. Canelli, Deputy Superintendent of Public Works, failed to attend the council meeting as requested. Again. Councilman Klein proposed a resolution to suspend Mr. Canneli with pay. Councilman Cedar stated that he did not want to give Mr. Canneli “a vacation”. Councilman Klein withdrew his resolution to suspend and proposed that the position of Deputy Superintendent of Public Works be eliminated, as is council’s right under the current charter. Councilman Cedar was initially opposed to the resolution, but was won over by convincing arguments from Klein and Cirgenski.
What happened next is somewhat of a blur. As soon as Council passed the resolution, Mayor Jankowski interrupted the meeting and accused Council of not knowing anything about day-to-day city operations. Council members retorted that the Mayor had no right to speak at the meeting and adjourned for a recess. Councilman Cedar urged the Mayor to leave, as he thought the Mayor may have been drinking. Mayor Jankowski asked Councilman Ahmed, as the first Muslim elected to council, why he went along with the resolution. And then it was over. The mayor left and the meeting continued.

Bill Richards of the Michigan Municipal League presented information about the MML executive search for a City Manager.
City Controller Barnett asked that council approve invoices including bills for street repairs. Council accepted the invoices and requested a work plan and contractor agreements for the $50,000 in authorized street repairs.
Mr. Barnett also asked that council pass a resolution requesting that $5310 over-paid to Kaplani Insurance be refunded to the City. Council members felt the request was political in nature and felt it was unnecessary. The motion by Mr. Barnett was tabled.
Two of the mayors nominees for Planning Commission seats were approved. A third was tabled until more information about the person could be acquired.
A lieutenant and grant writer at the fire department requested that the Council send a letter to FEMA in support of a grant for a 100 ft aerial platform truck. Council agreed to send a letter.
Motown Credit Union requested that the No Parking sign outside their building be changed to 15 minute, credit union only. Council referred this to the traffic bureau for comments.
Councilman Klein nominated Simone Smith and Catrina Stackpoole to the Human Rights Commission. They were both confirmed.

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  1. Local 666….

    No wonder we have rats in the streets. Rats are an obvious sign of satanic possession… We need to call Fr.Amorth[the Catholic Church’s main exorcist] to help us… ;)

  2. No, in my opinion it was supposted to be someone’s dinner but it ran away from the butcher’s knife or somebody just did this as some type of joke, but I don’t see much laughter.

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