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  1. Hello, I would like to set up an interview with someone from interface. I have a lot of ideas and comments I would like to share. I own several of the commercial buildings on Joseph Campau between caniff and Yemans. The main problem and has always been a major problem, is the parking. It is a subject that always comes up but always is dismissed. It is what most business owners complain to me about, and why I have been unable to attract new business to the area. No Parking besides no business is also why present business owners are leaving the city. Please walk into the actual businesses on Joseph Campau and speak to the owners. They would be happy to share with you what their problems are regarding the city. They certainly have with me. The business owners really know what is going on. Not the residents. Please listen to them before it’s too late. You may also contact me at my business 586-536-6766. I will be happy to help out . Thank you
    Inez Garfield
    Garfield Investment Company

  2. Do you think the city cares about business in the city?
    The are more skilled in harassing businesss than attracting them.
    If they really want to solve the parking problem. Just make all lots free ( maybe with 2 hrs time limit) and get rid of all the parking meters.

  3. Ms. Garfield, have you ever been to either of the city parking lots and not been able to find a space? And why do you think that business owners have better insight into what’s happening on Joseph Campau than residents?

  4. Of course the city cares about business in the city thats part of thier income too, and i think most of the councilmembers are financially involved as business owners or partners so its in their best interest to help the area grow.

    I feel like i’m beating a dead emu on this but we have several parking lots that go unused alot because they are far away from main street and people dont like carrying bags of stuff 500 feet to their car. We need to open JC up more, get rid of a few carcass buildings that arent being rented and make parking areas or at least get rid of those bumpouts. If we went to angled parking on JC instead of parallel not only would it be safer and quicker to park but we would increase parking by 50% or about 8 extra parking spots each block which would be incredible! Between holbrook and evaline we have solid storefronts and almost no parking or side street access. Maybe we can use a small portion of the $14mil to fix JC. I cant tell you how many times ive went down JC and passed every market or store and shopped elsewhere because there was no parking.

  5. I really don’t understand this attitude. When I am in the surburbs and shopping at a big box store, my car ends up in a giant multi-acre lot and is definitely more than 500 feet from the store entrance. And nobody complains. But if people in Hamtramck can’t find a parking spot within spitting distance of a store, somehow this is enough to cause them to never shop there? I always thought it was the suburbanites who were too lazy to walk more than a few feet, not those of us who have chosen to live in large cities.

  6. If shoppers world building was demolished and turned into a parking lot with the existing one, it will surely solve the parking problems on Joseph Campau.

  7. It’s a good thing our zoning ordinance specifically prohibits anyone from doing something like that.

    Even if you made 5 parking lots on JC people would still complain. Once you start looking at the difference between what people say and what they actually do, things make much more sense.

  8. “The people” want to live in walkable cities. Ruining our best asset to cater to motorists like Detroit, the least successful city in the history of the world, is the last thing we need.

  9. From what I can glean, it’s local businesses that complain about lack of parking, not customers. Because they seem to believe it’s the street parking that’s keeping customers away, not the garbage, grafitti, or lack of code enforcement.

    Business owners, as a group – if you make sure the sidewalks are shoveled and clean, people might actually enjoy the short walk from the nearby city parking lot. The 30 feet in front of your store is not the end of it.

  10. I read a study about a shopping district where business owners believed lack of parking was negatively affecting their business. The findings were that the vast majority of people arrived there on foot. I think 20-30% drove.

    Also the pedestrians spent much more money in the district, often going to multiple stores. It was interesting how business improved after eliminating street parking and paying more attention to the pedestrian customers, who stayed in the area an average of 2-4 hours. People in cars generally made one stop and left.

    I’ll see if I can find that study.

  11. interesting discussion about an issue that I also have strong feelings about.
    do we all agree that without a solid business strip on JC we’ll end up looking like Chene Street and Mack Ave? Do we all have different interests and ways we’d like to interact with these businesses? I think we need to find ways to try to appease both business AND customers. We don’t need to set walkers and drivers against each other either. I happen to be both. I’d have to fight myself all the time!
    First we have to address the realities of what’s going on right now. The city parking lots and seriously underused. I only wonder what the revenue from these sad parking meters are. Shops are closing on JC, one after the other. When the DDA and the administration open their eyes, there may be nothing left. Yes, it’s the economy, but it’s also poor planning. we need to develop solutions to attract businesses to our city. These small businesses are not my enemies, nor is the DDA. No one’s making a killing off our misery, we’re all in this boat together. Well, maybe, some of the landlords might be a bit out of touch with reality. And do business owners do any research before they risk opening a business here, to see if there’s actually a market for their stuff?
    I shop in Hamtramck as often as possible. I’ve eaten at every restaurant hundreds of times over. I buy stuff here that costs a bit more, but i feel like i’m paying to keep my city going. I buy shit I don’t even need just because I want to help that small shop owner who hasn’t had a customer all day.
    What we really need is to stop nickel and diming every poor resident of this city, with parking tickets, parking meters, $3 garbage can fees, unfair house assessments, on and on. People are losing their jobs and homes, the city’s losing businesses, we’re in deep shit. we seriously have to research the best parking and business solutions and work together to carry them out.
    thanks for letting me vent. peace.

  12. I am very impressed that we i.e. the city, have so many concerned residents…I applaud all of your opinions. As a business owner, all I can add is….if anyone has ever been to the new dodge on paczki day, well let me tell you NO ONE CARES HOW FAR THEY HAVE TO WALK TO GET TO THE DOOR…I agree….keep this city pedestrian friendly…..and keep the suggestions/opinions coming…..know that I for one AM LISTENING.

  13. its nice to see at least ONE councilperson reads these posts, wish more did…..

    I for one believe in walkability and pedestrian friendly streets and business districts, but there are times when overcompensation for one diminisheds the other share creating a bottleneck. We need to come together and move forward on this crisis of keeping our famies in business. We cant be afraid to change what needs to be changed to keep up with new needs and a different pace.

    Now i know that some people dont mind waking a couple blocks from their car or SUV to their favorite shops and hangouts as long as they feel safe and the weather isnt inclement. We have been gradually increasing the awareness of shoplifters, thugs and troublemakers in our city that we are willing to fight back. More and more people are coming to the support of our police so they can support us in times of need. More people are carrying pepper spray, CCW’s and taking self defense classes. I think the Defense class that our officers taught which stressed how to avoid a situation rather than become a victim was excellent.

    Mind you for NEW DODGE, you can fill the place with parking that is within 100 feet of the door. Between Holbrook and Caniff you could easily walk 500-1000 feet if parking is full. mind you going to a mall you could easily walk a half a mile by the time youre done shopping but then you’re inside out of the snow,rain,etc.

    And cathy, remember the miracle I promised would come? it came packaged in a $14mil grant to help our fine city keep its promis to its citizens. thats enough to fix our lawsuit debt, fix oiur infrastructure, renovate some areas and still have $6-$8million left as a rainy day fund. Better keep receipts, we are all watching ;P

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