Youth-driven community arts radio program founded in Hamtramck and Detroit

PRESS CONTACT: Steven Cherry , (313) 377-7130
Youth-driven community arts radio program founded in Hamtramck and Detroit
Hamtramck’s AM 1610 The Station has been awarded a Kresge Community Arts grant for it’s new youth-radio program: Expose Yourself to Art Radio.
AM 1610 The Station and Ladybug Studios, announce this new collaborative endeavor that will provide a radio journalism and production program for high school students living in Hamtramck and Southwest Detroit. The focus of Expose Yourself to Art Radio will be the coverage and reporting of community arts by youth interviewers and producers. Students’ work will air on AM 1610 in both communities. Expose Yourself to Art Radio will serve youth in uniquely challenged neighborhoods by allowing participants to report on, engage, and gain an understanding of art and culture their communities.
According to the collaborating organizations, goals of the program are to improve self-esteem, writing and speech skills, time-management, and perseverance. Participants will learn the value in supporting diverse creative communities while gaining important communication and technical skills they will carry into their professional, adult lives.
“This project intends to provide the positive perspective of Hamtramck and Southwest Detroit and shed light on two unique communities that face difficult challenges, however continue to find strength through celebrating cultural differences and embracing creative individualism.” says Aaron Timlin of the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit.
Hamtramck’s AM 1610 The Station and CAID’s Ladybug Studios and will provide mentorship and guidance to student participants who will report, write, record, interview, and provide commentary on local arts and culture. The project team will be responsible for producing audio segments which will be part of a radio broadcast program containing the work of the participants.
“The broadcast signal at each location has the potential to reach roughly 28,000 people. That is over 50,000 people combined. The web stream has the potential to reach listeners worldwide. ” says Steve Cherry of AM 1610 The Station. “There’s so much to learn about the art and culture that our neighbors
celebrate, and who better to tell these stories?” Cherry continues.
AM 1610 The Station launched in May as Cherry’s hobby project. It’s a low-power AM station which is unregulated by the FCC and doesn’t require licensing. The Station’s mission is to “play, promote, and export Michigan artists’ work to the people of earth”. Cherry remarks, “Local arts and culture programming will add depth and understanding of the most exciting and beautiful things going on in our communities.”
The Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit is a community based non-profit organization. CAID fosters and promotes the essential link between contemporary arts and contemporary society through its exhibitions, performances, critical and public discourse, and the funding of contemporary arts and art related activities.
For more information contact Steven Cherry at or (313) 377-7130.